Syndicate Competitive League Tournament 4 on September 14-15
Duncan Ringill


Yes, it is:

The Syndicate Competitve League hosts a two-day tournament event on September 14 and 15, 2013.

Twelve highly competitive teams with each at maximum ten members will fight tooth and nail to win this exciting tournament.

You can follow the tournament action live on the SCL stream; streaming starts each day at 17:40 and ends at 22:20 UTC. Please also check the tournament schedule. Background information about the SCL is available in the SCL Community Spotlight and in the ISD IC news article.

SCL Season Opener
Duncan Ringill

I’m surprised that fewer than a thousand people were tuned in concurrently yesterday.  It seemed a fine broadcast, with few technical glitches.  I noted a couple of second-long video freezes in early matches, then when I returned toward the end of the day the freezes were longer (if only occurring after that matches were essentially over.  The commentary was cogent (and often over my head, which is fine because I’m bad at EVE) though it lacked flash.

Jester notes something I missed completely:

[T]here was one cute idea used: some pre-recorded interviews with the captains of some of the teams played between a few of the matches.  This was a great idea!  Hopefully as SCL gets its legs under it, this will be done more extensively giving the team a broader base of content to present in-between matches.