More Ship Rebalancing in Retribution 1.1 Release
Duncan Ringill

Changes inbound February 19th!  The Hurricane’s seventh high slot is dead. 🙁

The Hurricane has long enjoyed a position on top of the Battlecruiser heap, as one of the most popular PVP vessels in New Eden. The combination of high speed, strong and easily applied damage, and room for excellent capacitor warfare has made the Hurricane a default choice for many PVP activities. It received one change in the Retribution expansion that reduced available powergrid alongside a reduction of the powergrid need of artillery, so the changes being made in 1.1 can be relatively simple.

The Hurricane is losing a high slot that had often held an energy neutralizer, leaving it with one utility high. It is also facing a slight reduction in hitpoints, and an increase in mass that will slow down align times by two tenths of a second. These changes should leave the Hurricane as a strong peer to the other members of the Combat Battlecruiser class, compared to its previously dominant position.

That seventh slot let me fit a second missile launcher in addition to six T2 autocannons.  I suppose it won’t affect my ArtyCane, which could only support a single launcher.