Never the Twain Shall Meet
Duncan Ringill

trains01A bridge between Tranquility and Serentity?  Chinese players able to interact with those in other countries?  That a theme Art has touched on, and he hits it again this week.

It’s an idea to fire the imagination, and perhaps the coolest notion of all is that of new (to us) players chattering in an alien language in some of the same comm channels.  Yeah, I can see why this is desirable; cross-pollination has to be a good thing, right?

‘Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished, all right.  World gamers getting to know their Chinese counterparts couldn’t help but defuse the international tensions willfully (or otherwise) deepened and prolonged by the current segregation.

Well, if it happens, it’s not going to be accomplished by CCP.  Standing between us Tranquilitarians and the Chinese is The Great Firewall, a technological and political barrier that we barbarians are not going to be allowed to scale anytime soon.  It’s unfortunate, but Chinese authorities are not going to permit ISK transactions and uncensored chat.  Heck, we’d be lucky to be able to pass EVEmail back and forth; forum wars and ISK trading aren’t about to happen, either.

The barrier’s not insurmountable, but CCP isn’t going to tear down this wall.  Even if they had the permission from the People’s Republic, there would remain a last hurdle: sharding.

Chinese players on Serenity aren’t playing in different space; they’re on a clone of the universe we inhabit.  Serenity, like Singularity, is filled with the same star systems we see on Tranquility, with (presumably) the same divisions among hi-sec, losec, null and w-space.  As amusing as it would be to watch an attempted merger of CFC sov with its Chinese counterparts, that’s not a task CCP is going to undertake.

Did I say that was the final hurdle?  Strike that.  The ultimate concern is budgetary.  The desirability of international brotherhood aside, there ain’t no money for trying to merge what was sharded by design.  The new space to which our player-owned stargates will bridge us is not going to be on Serenity–not until the government of China changes.  Or changes its mind.

Duncan Ringill

Mittani may have evolved as far beyond actually logging into EVE as the rest of us have beyond ants, but here he is offering a view from his altitude of the NPE that matches up well with the experiences of mere immortals: namely, that EVE’s NPE sucks and always has.  With entertaining hyperbole (the tutorials aren’t really bad IMO; they just need a lot more context), he even makes his case clearly and convincingly.  Only Nixon can go to China, it seems.

A newbie zone, huh?  Yeah, it’s a no-brainer and an old one at that, but perhaps only the man who indirectly put the T in HTFU can come right out and say it on his website, and now that he has, gunfighters from all over CFC can begin to admit to seeing wisdom in the idea.  A good scheme doesn’t become bad just because CFC wants it, after all.  Any jerk can float an opinion, and I’ll be no exception, doggone it.

He may still be thinking too small.  He’s careful only to propose setting aside a chunk of that mysterious new space, and to bar any but new players from it, so that CCP would do all the hand-holding there (and so that naysayers can’t accuse him of wanting to make hisec safer).  Such economy is to be admired, as would be any clever EVE propagandists who stood waiting just outside the zone to recruit the new and presumably more skilled and confident class of capsuleers.  If Jove-space is furthermore only going to connect to low (rumored), Mittani’s proposal makes even more sense for CFC.

Can CCP unbend, though, and scrape together the resources to make something like this happen?  Even the coldest, harshest heart on staff ought to be warming to the thought right about now.  Why not design a universe where fewer players quit in frustration in the first month?  Why not prep those same players a little more thoroughly for corporate play and the sort of social experience CCP says it wants?

A Mittani as a player of the larger game necessarily sees new capsuleers as a crop to be harvested.  It’s not surprising that he would advocate for carefully-tended fields surrounded by the tallest of fences, watered by the gentlest of killmails and fertilized with ISK or ship replacements, all paid for by CCP.  What megacorp doesn’t dream of subsidies, and won’t lobby for them?  In retrospect, we should be surprised only that it’s taken this long.

Me, I’ll still advocate for perfect-sec systems in existing 1.0 and perhaps elsewhere, connected to minor trade hubs.  There’s no need to tie up the new space when the game begins here in high…unless CCP really does want to nudge everyone toward low and null.  If that’s the case, I would happily share.  Let n00b-space connect to all five other types (holla at my w-space peeps), so that the adventurous player fresh out of the tutorials can easily move in any of those directions when the training wheels come off.  Mittani has spoken, and I agree.

Good joke. Everybody laugh. Roll on snare drum. Curtains.

CONCORD as a Capsuleer Career, pt. 2
Duncan Ringill


#PIIRS LOW-SPECTRUM COMM SCAN LOG YC117.05.28//18:09:22.387   

[CONCORD intercept-decrypt transcription]

{attrib uncert} *#&%$)$*@){>#((“–the files directly to me, Sarge.”

SGT Bagler: “Sure, we’ve got the sniffer data. But how come we’re spooking after a rich wirehead who never stepped outside the law? Other than that dust-up in Jita, I mean; that was a stray shot. What gives, Lieutenant?”

LT Murray: “Recruiting. That simple.”

SGT Bagler: “An egger? We gotta take on an egger? What for, for how long, and for how much?”

LT Murray: “You don’t wanna know how much, but the force is paying, from right at the top. Because the Captain says so. You’ve got a Piirs problem, remember?”

SGT Bagler: “That’s my case. Mine.”

LT Murray: “It’s bigger than you. The buzz out in low says she’s running for Sansha now. They’ll be feeding her ammo, and crew, so who knows where she’ll pop up next?”

SGT Bagler: “I can get her.”

LT Murray: “Forget Piirs for one damned minute. This guy’s the real deal. Look at those numbers–and he’s been doing it freelance. He cleaned up the shipyards all by his own little self. The Captain wants a badge on him before he turns pirate, or worse. Think of the ISK he could be pulling down for the big corps. He likes this sector, or he wouldn’t keep coming back for our jobs. This egger can be the one to take down Piirs and make it hurt–blow all her pretty head-metal right the hell up, and not just the destroyer. So when she comes back, she doesn’t come back here.”

SGT Bagler: “C’mon, Lieutenant. We caught her once. We gave it a shot, but those damned eggs’ll slip right past you. We’ll get her, no doubt.”

LT Murray: “Cut it out. This is your new partner. Everything else–everything–is on hold until you make it official.”

SGT Bagler: “He’s a weird one. Never seems to leave his cabin. These snaps are him at the balcony, just staring at that cruiser. It’s like even when he’s here, he’s still out there. It’s like they ain’t even human. Him nor Piirs.”

LT Murray: “Well, the Captain says we gotta have him, and I agree. Make the approach yourself. Nothing subtle, or he won’t even look at the offer. This is his home, and it’s time he stopped pretending it’s not. He wants to fight for us, deep down, so we make it pay. Give him one of those Comets. Swear him in. That simple.”

SGT Bagler: “You are gonna owe me so many doughnuts it ain’t even#&*(%)#@^@)%$//////////}”&*)?@#!%%%

[CONCORD intercept-recrypt interrupt]


The CCP Mystery Code: Demystified
Duncan Ringill

From the EVE Dev Blog:

The theme of the Second Decade is not only to celebrate the rich history of the first ten years of EVE Online, but also to provide our loyal fans with special access CCP’s future products and offerings.  To that end, the CCP Mystery Code is your ticket to VIP benefits both now and for years to come.

So, without further ado, what can a CCP Mystery Code holder look forward to?

First off, I’m pleased to announce that as soon as you have opened your box and redeemed your Mystery Code, you will receive one bright and shiny PLEX which you can use to convert into game time, to trade in the market for ISK and much much more

Navy Battlecruisers in Odyssey
Duncan Ringill

Navy battlecruisers

Coming to a LP store near you:

Like the sweet, yummy sugar and cherry frosting on that desert you are about to eat, we decided to introduce navy variants of the Combat battlecruisers to fill the gap between Navy Cruisers and Navy Battleships. That would be the Harbinger Navy Issue, Drake Navy Issue, Brutix Navy Issue and Hurricane Fleet Issue…

The new Navy Battlecruisers will be available from:

  • Regular corporation LP stores, 1 run blueprint offer: 250,000 LPs plus 100 million ISK for 1 run blueprint copy (BPC)
  • Regular corporation LP stores, built ship offer: 300,000 LPs plus 1x built tech1 Battlecruiser plus two cruiser sized Nexus Chips
  • FW Loyalty Point stores, 1 run blueprint offer: for 125,000 LPs plus 10m ISK for 1 run BPC
  • FW Loyalty Point Stores, built ship offer: 125,000 LPs plus 1x built tech1 Battlecruiser plus two cruiser sized Nexus Chips