Probe Scanning in Odyssey
Duncan Ringill

CCP SoniClover delivers a lot of info on the new and improved scanning lifestyle:

The overall vision for exploration is to make it a more noticeable part of the game and lower the barrier of entry. Exploration is something that appeals to a lot of players, but because it is so obscure it was rarely something that newer players entered early. Instead, newer players tend to go for easily accessible systems like missioning or mining as their first careers. The goal was to try to make exploration as easily accessible in the early stages as those two, as exploration allows players to experience better the unique flair of EVE than mining or missioning does.

This is no easy task, as this has to be accomplished while at the same time retaining the functionality of the scan probing as a whole for other users of the system, such as veteran explorers, wormhole dwellers and scouts. While the focus this time around was on accessibility and basic mechanics, we feel this is only the tip of the iceberg and the changes we’re making now give us an opportunity to expand the exploration mechanic at the higher end, adding more depth of gameplay, in the future…

Celebrating Ten Years of EVE Online This Weekend
Duncan Ringill

Big weekend coming up:

Celebrating such a special event as EVE’s 10th anniversary is too big an occasion for just a private party, so with that in mind we’ve planned an action-packed weekend within the EVE Universe to ring in the second decade with the people who matter the most… you! In true Icelandic style, no celebration would be complete without fireworks, so we are running a campaign on Facebook where we invite you to like the official EVE Online Facebook page and share with your friends and gaming groups. Each “like” generated will work towards free gifts and hourly firework drops for the entire community to enjoy on Sunday May 5th.

And much, much more.

SCL Season Opener
Duncan Ringill

I’m surprised that fewer than a thousand people were tuned in concurrently yesterday.  It seemed a fine broadcast, with few technical glitches.  I noted a couple of second-long video freezes in early matches, then when I returned toward the end of the day the freezes were longer (if only occurring after that matches were essentially over.  The commentary was cogent (and often over my head, which is fine because I’m bad at EVE) though it lacked flash.

Jester notes something I missed completely:

[T]here was one cute idea used: some pre-recorded interviews with the captains of some of the teams played between a few of the matches.  This was a great idea!  Hopefully as SCL gets its legs under it, this will be done more extensively giving the team a broader base of content to present in-between matches.

BC Tier1cide
Duncan Ringill

Jester lays down some analysis of proposed battlecruiser rebalancing on the horizon, with the Hurricane and Drake nerfs perhaps the most significant in our house:

…{I}n the aggregate, these changes are a nerf to all non-tier3 battle cruisers.  Sure, tier1s are getting better but they were poor performers.  And the previously good performers are being brought down to their improved level….this is a big huge change to the BC landscape.  EVE’s current two most-used BCs are going to lose their titles in short order, and we’re going to all have to get used to a lot of new metas both in PvP and PvE.  Should be interesting to watch!