EVE Symphony at Fanfest 2013
Duncan Ringill

One more reason to attend Fanfest!

The Eve Symphony consists of some 10 famous Eve tracks – such as "Stellar Shadows" and "Surplus of Rare Artifacts" – arranged for a symphony orchestra by composer Kristján Guðjónsson. Kristjáns approach to the music is very much to the point in that he manages to transfer each theme gently over to the orchestra such that players will recognise the music but at the same time receive all the wonders only a symphony orchestra can give… Not only will this be the first time the Eve music is performed by an orchestra but it will also be the first time The Iceland Symphony Orchestra plays music from a video game.

Diary of a Mad Momma – Entry Two

"Captain's Log. Entry two.

I'd rather not recap the past, but I guess it will be good to get it all out so I can move on. It's been years since the war that ended in our retreat from Feythabolis. I don't pretend to understand the politics behind what happened. All I know is, the Reds brought bigger guns, and we ran with our tails between our legs like mongrels. Most everything I owned got left behind, and as far as I know is still out there somewhere.

The only possession I had in those days was my ship, Tantrum, and even she was a second-rate rustbucket I picked up on the edge of nullsec. Guy selling her looked like he needed cash in a hurry. I thought I'd taken advantage of him until I saw the ship. By then, he'd already hopped the first shuttle to Metropolis, so I was stuck with her. The corp I worked for fell apart, and then the corp I worked for next also fell apart. Hard times. I had nothing, so in order to survive I had to float a loan. And another one. And another one, until they all called in the debts. The shark took Tantrum in lieu of taking my head, and I left the stars behind.

I met Ned landside. Annoying bastard that he is, I owe him everything. He gave me a job working for one of his company's production plants on the world I had started calling home. I worked my way up the chain, and somehow managed to impress the hell out of them. Record production of something or other, I can't really remember now, and it's not important. What's important is that I found out a few weeks ago that Ned had located my ship and bought her. The rat hid it from me though, waiting to see if I'd measure up enough to earn her back."

A soft snort.

"Apparently I did. And I got my first view of the stars in years this morning. It was an amazing experience. A million pinpoints of light in the sky, beckoning me to join them. I could have cried. Until the red alert went off and some damn Angels locked on and nearly split Tantrum in two. Ahh, pirates. Some things never change."

End recording.

Diary of a Mad Momma

Note:  Diary of a Mad Momma is an IC (In Character) series that will be expanded upon when I feel the hell like writing.  It's a chronicle of my alter ego's (mis)adventures, dealings, failings, and so on in the universe of Eve Online.  It's fanon.  So any creative liberties taken are just that, liberties.


"-old you, I kept her fli–" Static. "-est as I could. You were landside a long time."

"Shut up, Ned." More static. "-ere we go, just had a loose wire."

A moment of silence before the recording continues.

"Captain's log. Wait, wait, that's too pretentious. Maybe, 'Personal Log?'"

"You could always say, 'Dear Diary.'"

"Shut up, Ned. Captain's log. Captain Madeline McNeil," A brief pause, "The hell should I say?"

"'Dear Diary, I love Ned Silverman sooo, so much…"

"That's it, I'm going to track you down and –" Static. "-o hard your next job will be waste disposal in Jita."


Recording ends.

Fun is mandatory. Pants are optional.

I had to create a new post category for this, since the only other one was Announcements. 😉 When some of us were chatting in EVE the other night, one of our members, Duncan Ringill, blurted out this “slogan” in reference to a pic he made of a weird EVE graphics glitch a few weeks ago. For a while when he’d log in, Duncan would be missing body parts — legs, arms, whatever. But this one time, he had all his parts, just no pants.

And here’s a link to the original not safe for work image, in all its “ten shades of wrong” glory.

Pemberley and Nevermind are now in BadWrongFun

Pemberley Enterprises <DARCY> is primarily focused on industry and research, and is the executor corporation of the alliance. Nevermind Enterprises <ZRSLY> has just been formed as a general membership corporation for those who are more interested in PvE and mining. BadWrongFun is mostly a carebear alliance, but our rules of engagement allow for PvP under some circumstances. We’ll be posting more here in the near future on these and other topics. If interested in membership as an individual or corporation, feel free to submit an inquiry via the contact form.