Cheesecake In Space #8
Duncan Ringill


Two years ago I was a Minmatar pilot in that I flew only Minmatar hulls.  This wasn’t quite true, of course, for who hasn’t grabbed whatever shuttle happens to be for sale?  More importantly, in mining ops I had worked my way up through Retrievers and into a Hulk.  When it counted, though–when I was fitting and flying for me, for my own fun–only Minnie ships would do.

Here’s the ship that changed all that, the Angel Cartel’s Cynabal.  So nice not to have to dilute projectile damage with missiles!  It was my first pirate hull, so I christened it I’m Not From Here.  It was also the first ship in which I ever went riding to the rescue (alone).  A newer player–there were some of those by that time–put out a general call ten jumps away for help with a mission that needed slaying.  With his destroyer and this sweet ride, many Slorr felt the wrath of the Cynabal that day.

It’s still the only cruiser I have that can go north of 700 DPS.  Good boat.

Cheesecake In Space #6
Duncan Ringill


In the fall of 2012, I flew Poison Arrow from Heimatar out to an incursion in Gallente space.  I believe I was just parking her for a fleet op the next day, and fortuitously made a screenshot  coming out of warp in the staging system.  This was the moment I realized that G-space is probably the prettiest of all, offering nice contrasts particularly to rusty ol’ Minmatar hulls.

Cheesecake In Space #5
Duncan Ringill

These images are from last month, when a pathing error spawned my camera off-center in a Caldari hangar.  This is not that unusual a glitch, and I was able to clear it by shifting first into CQ, then back into the hangar.  An alliance-mate had seen this happen in the Mac client, however, so I decided to ride it all the way down.  My point of view sank slowly, and I was able to look around as it fell, and to look up for the final screenshot.





Cheesecake In Space #4
Duncan Ringill


I got started in EVE after Incarna dropped, and as much as I loved the idea of Space Barbies, I kept Captain’s Quarters turned off most of the time as instructed by alliance-mates.  I would enable it for ship-spinning, and kill it when performance was an issue.  It was many months, therefore, before I took a really good look around the hangar end of things, and realized that I could peer over the edge a bit.

You can see a lot of my capsule in the resulting screenshot from two years ago.  I recall some surprise from fellow players who had never bothered to take a peek after CQ caused so much rage.

Cheesecake In Space #4
Duncan Ringill


Two years ago in the Inferno expansion, v3 ship modeling came around for the Hurricane, my battlecruiser of choice, including the prominent placement of the Minmatar logo.  I recall taking mine to a Caldari station for the express purpose of this and other screenshots, since the ship would get lost against the rusty backdrop of the Minnie stations I lived in.

Cheesecake In Space #2
Duncan Ringill


Two years ago, when my fitting skills were (more) primitive, I longed to fly bigger ships with more slots, the better to make up for a fit’s failings.  That meant battleships, but I was comfortable for several months flying the Hurricane on shooty ops.  I took my time, and didn’t leap into a ‘Phewn at the first opportunity.  No, when I debuted in a battleship, it was in the baddest boat within my reach.

The Fleet Tempest became my go-to ship when kersplosions were the order of the day.  I loved this thing, christened Poison Arrow after the ABC song.  Its profile even looks a bit like a bow being drawn, if the longbows in your world have attached screen doors.