…And Make Gorilla Cookies
Duncan Ringill


Rixx comes out “In Praise of Ugly”:

The Mammoth IS ugly, it was beaten quite hard with the ugly stick. It hit every branch in the ugly tree when it fell out of production. It is soooo ugly it would make a freight train take a dirt road!
This is the entire point of both the Mammoth and the Hoarder, they exist to be ugly. If indeed, they are on the block for revision, then they need to be V3’d to be even more ugly in high-resolution. You have streamlined and purty-fied far to many Minmatar ships, the Industrials need to stay horribly ugly. That is their character, the entire summation of hurried, clunky, use what is at hand MInmatar design philosophy.
I am encouraged by your obvious attention to detail, it has only taken you ten years to realize the obvious – the Mammoth is freakishly butt ugly. Not every ship in Eve needs to be streamlined perfection, we need and demand our ugly be respected, admired and enhanced. It adds character to homogenization.
Keep the Mammoth ugly. In fact, it could stand to be even worse in my opinion.

1.5T ISK Stolen in Biggest Corporate Theft Ever
Duncan Ringill

Gameskinny has the skinny:

…X-Trading (the self proclaimed richest German corporation in the game) had been victim of a massive internal theft. After some research and walking the Eve news beat, it was confirmed that X-Trading had had 1.5 trillion ISK (the in game currency) stolen by a member of their corporation. To put that in perspective, that’s roughly equivalent to $75,000 US. This example of internet spaceships style white collar crime has set the record for the largest documented corporate theft in Eve history…. caused by a corp member being accidentally given permission to access and transfer corp assets.

Calling All Eggers
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Steer a spaceship with your brain.  No PLEX required:

A group of researchers led by Riccardo Poli, a computer science professor at the University of Essex, is working on that idea. For the first time, they used a brain-computer interface (BCI) to control a spacecraft simulator — although, by their own admission, in a highly simplified environment.

EVE Symphony at Fanfest 2013
Duncan Ringill

One more reason to attend Fanfest!

The Eve Symphony consists of some 10 famous Eve tracks – such as "Stellar Shadows" and "Surplus of Rare Artifacts" – arranged for a symphony orchestra by composer Kristján Guðjónsson. Kristjáns approach to the music is very much to the point in that he manages to transfer each theme gently over to the orchestra such that players will recognise the music but at the same time receive all the wonders only a symphony orchestra can give… Not only will this be the first time the Eve music is performed by an orchestra but it will also be the first time The Iceland Symphony Orchestra plays music from a video game.