The Radial Menu in Odyssey
Duncan Ringill

CCP Sharq offers a tour of the new radial menu that will be available via left-click:

To call up the radial menu you need to hold down the left mouse button on an item for a moment like on the original Action Menu. That works on brackets in space, the overview and on your Targets.

Different from the old radial menu, there is no need to hit the little button to trigger options, with the menu open the screen is divided into segments allowing for quicker interactions using gestures. Your commands can now be made quicker than through the old radial menu or the Right Click menu.

Designing the radial menu using only 8 slices is constraining, yet liberating. We went through numerous iterations on the layout schema and ended up with something we were happy with.

Summer Is Coming
Duncan Ringill

And summer means Alliance Tourney!

The 11th Alliance Tournament will be kicking off on July 20, 2013. While we like to keep things nice and simple like that here in the Tournament Team, a few more announcements regarding this year’s Alliance Tournament are in order because we are changing a few things.

Firstly, we will do away with the usual format of qualifying rounds and group stages and go for a double elimination bracket format from the start. This raises the stakes significantly for all participants as all matches will matter!

Secondly, Alliance Tournament XI will run over three weekends instead of four as has been the common practice.

Thirdly, we will be introducing bans into the Alliance Tournament from the second weekend onwards. Team captains will ban out two ship types each before the match starts so that neither team can field that specific ship type in the match. The effect of the bans will be the same as the New Eden Open, while the format will become a 1 – 2 – 1 type rather than the 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 that we saw in the NEO. With this added to the mix, matches will be more varied and exciting.

Lastly, to fly with an alliance in the Alliance Tournament XI you will need to have been a member of that alliance from downtime this morning, at 11:00 UTC May 15th. Each alliance may only field one team.

Celebrating Ten Years of EVE Online This Weekend
Duncan Ringill

Big weekend coming up:

Celebrating such a special event as EVE’s 10th anniversary is too big an occasion for just a private party, so with that in mind we’ve planned an action-packed weekend within the EVE Universe to ring in the second decade with the people who matter the most… you! In true Icelandic style, no celebration would be complete without fireworks, so we are running a campaign on Facebook where we invite you to like the official EVE Online Facebook page and share with your friends and gaming groups. Each “like” generated will work towards free gifts and hourly firework drops for the entire community to enjoy on Sunday May 5th.

And much, much more.

Navy Battlecruisers in Odyssey
Duncan Ringill

Navy battlecruisers

Coming to a LP store near you:

Like the sweet, yummy sugar and cherry frosting on that desert you are about to eat, we decided to introduce navy variants of the Combat battlecruisers to fill the gap between Navy Cruisers and Navy Battleships. That would be the Harbinger Navy Issue, Drake Navy Issue, Brutix Navy Issue and Hurricane Fleet Issue…

The new Navy Battlecruisers will be available from:

  • Regular corporation LP stores, 1 run blueprint offer: 250,000 LPs plus 100 million ISK for 1 run blueprint copy (BPC)
  • Regular corporation LP stores, built ship offer: 300,000 LPs plus 1x built tech1 Battlecruiser plus two cruiser sized Nexus Chips
  • FW Loyalty Point stores, 1 run blueprint offer: for 125,000 LPs plus 10m ISK for 1 run BPC
  • FW Loyalty Point Stores, built ship offer: 125,000 LPs plus 1x built tech1 Battlecruiser plus two cruiser sized Nexus Chips

Syndicate Competitive League, Round 2
Duncan Ringill

It’s back! Fill out your brackets and watch it streamed live:

  1. Teams can field up to eight pilots on the arena
  2. Fights are limited to 10 minutes. If a fight reaches time, the team with the most points remaining on the field wins.
  3. If fight is tied after 10 minuets, the next ship destroyed will win the match.
  4. Intentional pod killing is not allowed.
  5. Each match consists of a round of three fights, and the match victory is awarded to the first team to reach two victories.