The New Eden Open II Tournament
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The New Eden Open II will take place over three consecutive weekends starting on Saturday, March 1st and ending with the grand finale on Sunday, March 16th. The action will follow a double elimination format and at the end of the tournament one of the 32 teams will be crowned the New Eden Open II tournament champions. The whole show will be streamed live and for free on CCP Games‘ Twitch channel, so make sure to follow that channel to get instant notifications on when it goes live and the action starts!

The Bloodbath of B-R5RB, Gaming’s Most Destructive Battle Ever
Duncan Ringill

Analysis by CCP Dolan:

In the early hours of January 27th, 2014 CONCORD (the NPC “police force”) came to collect the sovereignty bill for a dead-end system in the Immensea region called B-R5RB. One of over 7,500 in game, this particular system with its 9 planets, 66 moons and 12 asteroid belts had recently been transferred to a player corporation called H A V O C, a corp used by the alliance Pandemic Legion to handle sovereignty transfers between Alliances (which are collections of Corporations). Unfortunately, when CONCORD tried to extract the ISK (EVE’s currency) that would maintain sovereignty in the system for another month, they found that H A V O C had left their automatic payment unchecked. Without the necessary payment, sovereignty in the system immediately dropped leaving the system up for grabs….

Sensing this moment of unexpected weakness in a strategically critical location, the opposing Coalition comprised of the CFC Alliance and Russian-heavy coalition forces scrambled to get a foothold in the system. The message went out. Thousands logged in and fleeted up. If the CFC and Russian fleets could capture the station in system, they would trap Pandemic Legion assets inside, including hundreds of capital and sub-capital fleet hulls, rendering them unavailable for the wider conflict….

Unlike nearly every other large scale super-capital engagement up till this point, both sides thought they could win. They continued trying to get every single pilot into system with the most powerful warships they could bring to bear. After a few hours, the field was being lit up by doomsdays and the glittering hulls of hundreds of Titans and Supercarriers and thousands of Dreadnaughts and Carriers and smaller ships….

Much more at the link.

In Development – EVE Online: Rubicon 1.1
Duncan Ringill

See video at link:

Rubicon 1.1 introduces exciting new gameplay, expanding guerilla warfare options and building on the mobile structure foundations laid with the expansion’s release.

Join the recently clone activated CCP Guard on his quest of revenge that coincidently also brings you a sneak peek at what Rubicon 1.1 has in store for the players of EVE Online.

Check out In Development – Rubicon 1.1 now! You can also keep up with more in depth details regarding the upcoming features in Rubicon 1.1 on the Dev Blogs section of the EVE Online Community Portal.

EVE Online Holiday Celebration 2013
Duncan Ringill

It has begun:

[T]he Icelandic Yule Lads are descended from baby-eating trolls called Grýla and Leppalúði, and their original role was to strike fear in the hearts of children. Grýla traditionally went so far as to bring along the ‘Christmas Cat’, a black panther-like beast who will hunt down, kill and eat any child that doesn’t get at least one piece of clothing as a Christmas gift. The mythos was so terrifying that in 1746 a public decree was issued to prohibit parents from frightening their children with monsters and fiends like the Yule Lads…

Officially there are thirteen Yule Lads, although dozens more appear in various folk tales and stories. Tradition holds that they come down from the mountains one-by-one on each of the thirteen days before Christmas, and then leave in the same manner. A poem from a popular book about Christmas, published in 1932, solidified the names and characteristics of the thirteen most well-known Yule Lads.

Player Holiday Stocking Stuffer Giveaway 14 December
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In celebration of the coming holiday season, Santa Spirit is running a special giveaway event! On the 14th of December, the player Santa Spirit will set up shop in a random system throughout the Derelik region and give away gifts to any player who enters it. In addition, he will be holding a Rookie Frigate Brawl with the prize of a single PLEX. Full details can be found in this forum thread.