Duncan Ringill

About Duncan Ringill

Duncan is my original EVE character, focused on PvE combat and mining. I live in EVE-4/5 with my wife and pets. I frequently wear pants.

Less Panel, More Info
Duncan Ringill

The devs are having at the HUD, creating what they call Info Panels to display useful information more efficiently, efficiency being defined according to screen real estate.  Along the way, they’ve made autopiloting more intelligent and given us a gorgeous map (above) to give us a sense of where we’re going and how far:

Another neat new feature, which is toggled through the new autopilot settings menu by selecting “Show route path in space”, will reveal one of our best kept secrets; the stars in the space scene nebula actually represent the solar systems of New Eden. By plotting the route in space you’ll feel more like you’re actually travelling through space while burning up your route, rather than just appearing at arbitrary locations. In the near future we’re hoping to add some neat stuff to this feature such as making the stars interactive.

BC Tier1cide
Duncan Ringill

Jester lays down some analysis of proposed battlecruiser rebalancing on the horizon, with the Hurricane and Drake nerfs perhaps the most significant in our house:

…{I}n the aggregate, these changes are a nerf to all non-tier3 battle cruisers.  Sure, tier1s are getting better but they were poor performers.  And the previously good performers are being brought down to their improved level….this is a big huge change to the BC landscape.  EVE’s current two most-used BCs are going to lose their titles in short order, and we’re going to all have to get used to a lot of new metas both in PvP and PvE.  Should be interesting to watch!