To Live Among the Stars [Updated, More Pictures]
Sunrise Aigele

I may not see a personal use for the new structures yet, but I will give CCP full credit for a good effort. Those of you who remember what Player Owned Stations looked like will be particularly struck by the contrast. The first two shots were taken at 1500km and 500km, respectively:

Astrahus at 1500kmAstrahus at 500kmAstrahus against a lava planet [PNG, 2MB]


Astrahus Against Nebula

So Many Little LIghts

Everyone at CCP who was involved in making this happen, take a bow. What a beautiful thing! I flew all around it. And this is the medium one!

Naturally, the tiny corporation which anchored it is under a declaration of war from a much larger alliance. This magnificent home may not still be there in a week. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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