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“More fun in EVE – Join an active corporation!” the launcher tells me.

I did, originally. The circle of players I belong to even now is some 30 people, and one of our corporations, Knavery, once appeared on the fastest-growing list (and ate a war dec for the privilege). But of them, I am the only one left who logs into EVE regularly. Everyone else has left for a great many other games, some of which I cannot play, some others of which hold little interest for me.

This is why, contra some of the angry or uncomprehending pushback against Neville Smit’s “Occupy New Eden” post, I must continue to support it. I am glad that other people have had better luck, or that they happened into some form of gameplay that is more actively supported by CCP, or that they joined one alliance or another which is large enough to self-sustain. We tried. We honestly did. Now there is only me. So why have I not left? I discovered Minecraft.

All Minecraft is is a series of self-appointed, self-motivated projects to which you set your attention. There is a fig leaf of a plot, but hardly anyone cares. At my age, this attention comes in small intervals, so a project of any size may take weeks to complete. And so that is how I play EVE. I have my little projects. Some of them may take weeks, or months, or years. I log in every so often, and putter around for the allotted time, and that is good enough. Is it the full experience? No, of course not. Nor do I ask that CCP pay as much attention to it as they do to the other styles of play. I understand what EVE is, and I accept it. The parts of EVE that have my attention, for now, are some of the oldest and most neglected parts of the entire game. I could “just move and look for something new,” turn off the lights and lock the door to BadWrongFun. But the new is sovereignty, which holds absolutely no interest for me, and capitals, which hold slightly more than no interest for me. At least I have trained some of the skills for the latter.

I could join another corporation, but this points to one of the reasons why so many people have gone: we tried to join larger alliances, to add our numbers to coalitions. It never worked. What we wanted was fundamentally not what many players in EVE want. (For one thing, not having to hear “jew” as a verb, or “retard” as a pejorative, is something we actively sought), but EVE’s gameplay only supports the corporation size we were comfortable with up to a point, and then it becomes assumed that your merry band will assimilate into some much larger culture. CCP will not even let your alliance have a logo until it has 1,000 members! I cannot imagine 1,000 members. I would never want to join comms.

I have not ruled out either low security space or wormholes as a change of venue. The main issue is that everyone assumes that a good neighbor is always available to PVP, and I would not be a good neighbor.

I have my little projects, and my little windows of time in which to advance them, and the additional thrill provided by the possibility that someone will come along and interrupt me. That is good enough.


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  1. You need only an established alliance, number requirements are not there anymore (they were 250 last anyway).
    I want to say, that different size of corps lend theirselves better to different kind of spaces. WH groups for example will ussually be smaller that NS and LS ones.

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