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Sunrise Aigele

The Amarr Championships: I am gratified that God has blessed Lady Catiz Tash-Murkon as the next Empress. Her name was in my morning supplications. I must concede that the victory was narrow; God clearly wishes for us to move forward, but never far from the roots of the civilization. I continue to pray that one day, one of my people will be so blessed. The influence of the Empyreans is waxing. Perhaps one day it will be so. [OOC, I am glad for the emergence of an EVE-like endgame in high sec: not a boss spawn, but the ability to make your mark on the game. It ties very neatly into CCP Ghost’s approach to the NPE.]

CCP Ghost: I love this man. His intensity is compelling. I believe he is on the right track, and I am looking forward to seeing the results of his work. It is refreshing to see someone wholly committed to engaging people, not just building Skinner boxes or blindly applying low-effort solutions to one of the game’s most serious problems. 1.5 million people tried EVE last year! 1.5 million! This could be a completely different game!

Sovereignty and Capitals: Most of the people who use capitals seem excited. There are more, and more bitter, fights over the nature of sovereignty than their are fights over sovereign space in game, which never fails to amuse me.

Citadels: From my perspective, I see many sticks and few carrots. The medium citadel cannot support a market. The NPC taxes are punitive, literally. The Citadels are merely a way for the already-rich to take more money more directly from the many smaller players in New Eden. They will accelerate the consolidation of wealth and power in the game, which is already unhealthy, and which reduces the ability of smaller players to do anything of significance or consequence. CCP has still not learned that many players do not join larger corporations and alliances because they do not wish to. Or perhaps they have learned that, and they hope that these players will flock to enrich the larger corporations? I cannot say.

The Timeline: The farther behind we fall, the more difficult CCP Seagull’s timeline becomes to read. As of now, we have reached a fine white line bisecting a stylized double helix.

CSM: I have nothing new to add to my last post on the subject. Congratulations and best of luck to the new council, and to CCP.

New Mining and Industrial Features: Soon(TM).

Virtual Reality: It looks nice. I look forward to being able to enjoy it one day. It was not lost on me that CCP Hellmar brought up the Future Vision from 2011. It is a good vision.

The Wrecking Machine: 1980s hair metal with spiky fonts worked out well for WildStar, did it not? (Yes, that was low.)

Project Discovery: Excellent and highly absorbing. Please do something like it again.

In my original draft of this post, I was remiss in excluding Drackarn’s excellent in-person account of Fanfest 2016.


Fanfest Grab Bag — 2 Comments

  1. I have heard the argument of “no market on mediums” a lot by now. In some ways I understand your point, as it is nice to have his own thing do all you want. But with the relative ease the medium is to be deployed I think the market window would get pretty messed up with dozens of docking points in a system. If I have to dock up at 10 different citadels in one system to get the parts I bought it’s not a delightful thought.
    Secondly, the citadels are not the prime structures for markets if I remember the announcements correct and later structures need to have there place later on. Currently it is very expensive to build your market with the Large Citadel as requirement but if some month in the future (or maybe next year) dedicated market structures get available they may be cheaper and more specialized.

    My concerns about Markets on Citadels are the tax and broker’s fee increase in general which still seem to be too steep for a healthy economy (but I’m not an economist) and the docking restrictions that can be changed. For the latter I don’t know whether there is a time restriction or not, but without one, the grieving and scaming around “you bought stuff on my citadel, if you want it pay…” will put victims leading to another reason for eve loosing players. On the taxes I would prefer to make a general high sec broker’s fee part like the taxes on custom offices which are effected by skills on top of those the player charges. Smoothing the difference between Station and Citadel trading wouldn’t be bad in my opinion.

    And well that time “line” of Seagull doesn’t deserve that name. Yes it looks fancy but I had hoped to see a bit more specific how things are queued. The corporate management is still pretty messy and access to hangars and number of divisions is still lacking a modern interface. But the Citadel management gives hope that some foundations are already laid.

  2. Thank you for writing, Chanina!

    If the taxes in NPC stations were not going to be so high, the lack of markets would be a non-issue. Even then, CCP had discussed an Interbus delivery service, which could mitigate the problem, which you already have with stations across multiple systems if you are not near a trade hub. I just had to take a tour of Gallente space to fit an Algos for a reasonable sum.

    The concentration of wealth is quite real. Never mind Gevlon’s worst-case 15T/day income from a player-controlled market that replaces Jita, even a citadel that trades at the volume of Hek will earn 900Bn ISK/ day for its owner, assuming that the Citadel’s tax is set to the old NPC tax. That is an astonishing amount. If there is one consolation, the sheer reward is a counterbalance to excessive abuse by the owners.

    I believe that it is manufacturing and research, not markets, which will eventually be moved to their own structures, namely the announced industrial arrays. But I may be forgetting something.

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