Sunrise Aigele

Guess who just finished training Jump Drive Calibration V! But that is not the subject.

I am back to activity because of Project Discovery. What a marvelous thing!

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 1.49.44 PM


That is a screenshot I took of a particularly challenging slide early on. It is my wont to overthink, and so I cannot merely appreciate the diversion which returned my attention to EVE. What is remarkable about it is how it challenges many of the assumptions that govern EVE.

What is the risk? None! I look at the slides in the comfort of a station. What are the rewards, in the conventionally understood sense? Paltry! Even with the Sisters of EVE armor commanding a half-billion ISK per suit, the slog to the first suit is terrible if understood in terms of ISK per hour. (To be fair, the generosity of the rewards accelerates as your accuracy improves.) There are only occasionally right answers, and some of the slides do not have an obvious answer at all. Formally, one could hardly call it a game at all. And yet I find it entirely engaging and addictive. I dream of cell patterns!

Is it enough that it is a challenge? Is it a draw that Project Discovery is advancing science? Are the Sisters of EVE armor suits that desirable? (Apparently so!)

I freely admit to overthinking. But this has me curious. Can anyone else weigh in?

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