Sunrise Aigele

In previous years, the Alliance Tournament was a source of great excitement here at BadWrongFun. Videos were shared, tactics dissected, wagers made.

This year, it is not. I do not believe it is the teams. To the contrary, everything I have seen shows players giving it their all, and being gracious both in victory and in defeat. But CCP seems defeated. The contests are nearly secret. The best streams are unofficial. The referees have made several basic oversights that have called into question the integrity of the results.

I understand that CCP is forced to play with a weak hand this year. I understand that everyone is doing their best. But after previous years, this is hard to watch. My favorite part is all the first time entrants, and some surprise performances by underdogs. Certainly, any lack of interest or excitement is not the fault of the participants!

Good luck to all the contestants!

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