Sunrise Aigele

There is change in the CSM. Providence stalwart corebloodbrothers is stepping down. The official explanation is “personal reasons,” and I have no reason to believe that core is being disingenuous. But I can only notice that he is stepping down as the sov changes are announced, all space can be upgraded attractively regardless of its true sec, and there looks to be a long-promised war on Providence. corebloodbrothers is one of their main field commanders. He will want to be on the field.

Running the STV algorithm again has declared his replacement to be low sec PVP expert Gorski Car. I am glad for this. He was similarly brought late into the last CSM, and he immediately distinguished himself. I hope that he is properly elected to the next one rather than being a perennial bench player. He is smart and good with ships and also very funny.  Conveniently, the first thing for him to sink his teeth into is the postponed balance pass on battlecruisers and battleships, originally intended for the Aegis release.

Such timeliness was certainly not intended, but it is—if I may—providential.

Providence against Tash-Murkon Prime

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