Bad Wrong Fun
Sunrise Aigele

No, this is not an advertisement for my alliance. ^^’ This is a meditation on a subject that has come up in the context of the proposed change to fleet warps:

As announced on the o7 show we are making some changes to fleet warp. Fleet Commanders, Wing Commanders & Squad Commanders will no longer be able to warp to anything a fleet member couldn’t warp to on their own. This includes –

  • Probe Results
  • Bookmarks
  • Any private deadspace item (missions, etc.)

Commanders will still be able to warp their fleet to other fleet members, and all other ‘public’ objects.
The goal of these changes is to encourage more individual fleet member participation and reduce the speed at which fleets can get on top of targets (e.g bombers).

I will not discuss this change directly. As a consequence of my current goals it has been many months since I have fleeted up with anyone beside my own alt.

More than some of the negative response has come from an interesting place. It turns out that, in general, the only difference between the average mass of pilots in high security space and pilots elsewhere is the presence of a few people who are willing to work irrationally long hours at thankless work so that their organizations appear coherent, competent and organized. Many of them are in the above-linked thread bemoaning the fact that other people are unreliable and incompetent. Not “those other people,” either, but allies and corp-mates!

The engine of EVE may be hard-working and variously competent enablers, but its body and frame are players who are bad and who are doing it wrong. But what about fun? The enablers are clearly not having fun. The line members may be having fun, but how invested can they be in a game where most of the deep gameplay–fitting; flying; searching; positioning–is denied them? There are even doctrines for ratting ships! The argument goes that failure is not an option, which means that trying is not an option. So there may be the thrill of victory for line members, but they do not understand why and they cannot hope to replicate it.

There are exceptions. BRAVE is an obvious one. Alliances that celebrate bad wrong fun on the part of their members will increasingly show the way forward. There is an up-front cost in embarrassing kill reports, losses, and fleet wipes, but it requires only an adjustment in attitude to embrace these. The return is a more knowledgeable, more fearless, and more engaged player base, and if they allow it, less pressure on the enablers who currently work themselves to the bone.

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