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CSM member and Goonswarm head diplomat Sion Kumitomo Thoric Frosthammer (thank you to his fellow CSM Sugar Kyle for the correction!) has a reasonable-seeming proposal concerning the new sovereignty system:

This is a major hole in this sovereignty system. The wealth in such a system needs to come from holding the sovereignty. It needs to be worth the pain of defending it. Not just  to plant a flag, which has some limited but fading psychological value. The negative value of being farmed for tears needs to be offset by a “need” or at least a strong desire, to hold the actual space. Otherwise very few will bother. It’s going to be particularly difficult to sell new entities on the poor trusec systems that will likely be left over once the major players squat on the better systems.

He speaks of ISK generation by “the little guy”–of course! who else stands to benefit? Certainly not his own alliance, newly concentrated in the richest regions in the game. Clearly the ISK reward he considers necessary for a small group to weather the depredations of every nearby predator in a relatively poor system would not be greatly concentrated in a giant alliance exploiting rich space! Surely not!

This is important: Phoebe and the new sovereignty system are both a significant buff to the power of ISK, which is already powerful enough to change the tides of wars. ISK can be kept forever in perfect safety. It can jump instantaneously across the cluster with no delay and without the peril of interdiction. Behold its power in the new EVE:

1) Are you unable to project force without accruing fatigue? Find a mercenary enough power who can and buy them! Goonswarm has used this tactic to devastating effect against N3 quite recently. Sion Thoric would be aware of it.

2) Are you in a long and difficult fight? Do you need to replenish your armies after a defeat? SRP! ISK allows a rich alliance to wear down a poorer alliance by attrition. They can lose every battle and still win the war.

3) Are you planning for a future with destructible stations? Never fear! ISK is never destructible and it is always available in arbitrarily large amounts with no fees! With enough of it you can replace any destructible assets you wish to. You can even liquidate trapped assets into ISK!

I believe that CCP is aware of this. I believe that this is why CCP Fozzie, formerly of mercenary super capital power Pandemic Legion, has deliberately refused to talk about increasing rewards. The main problem is not the rampant injection of ISK into the game from anomalies, it is the ability of sufficient concentrations of ISK to reliably and efficiently circumvent every planned constraint on power projection and application.

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