Sunrise Aigele

In “Stories,” I mentioned that the real story of B-R5RB was not the climactic battle, as impressive as it was; it was all of the maneuvering and preparation and logistics and diplomacy, all of the smaller skirmishes (and the not-so-smaller battle of HED-GP before). That is EVE, much more than giant battles are. It is engrossing, but it is not “sexy,” so it is not often mentioned.

On my own minuscule scale, this is where I find myself: taking stock of what I have; consolidating; pondering a relocation; building standings; writing spreadsheets; running logistics. It is not exciting. It is perhaps not “blog-worthy.” Every last bit of it is EVE at its most implausibly compelling. The pilots with itchy trigger fingers and little patience often forget that this dimension of EVE exists. Usually, there is someone else in their corp or alliance who shoulders the work so that they only have to log in and shoot things.

I can say that I am working toward an entirely self-defined goal, slowly but surely, exploring every nook and cranny so that I see everything clearly and take nothing for granted. With the time I can spare, this is slow going! But it makes my little nerdy heart flutter, so I continue.

I have been distracted too many times. No more. One day, I will be able to make everything.

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