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Sunrise Aigele

Drackarn over at Sand, Cider and Spaceships has run headlong into one of the more vexing design issues in EVE. The Overview was designed for a far simpler game then modern EVE, and there are so many variations and so many competing needs that conflicts such as the one he is running into are as much due to the overburdening of what should be a simple element as it is due to any small bug in the current design. The Overview is trying to do too much. To solve Drackarn’s problem we should look at what needs to happen. Once we have established that, we can see whether it belongs in something like be Overview  or whether it belongs somewhere else. Perhaps some things that currently enjoy a great deal of importance, such as the player name, do not need to feature so prominently? After all, it is an overview, not an exhaustive report.

What if were possible for alliances and corporations and possibly even fleets to contribute to the individual display of standings, in much the same way that LDAP allows for hierarchical composition of permissions? So in other words, I could have criminals as a higher priority while in my current alliance, but if I join Drackarn’s alliance and it automatically updates to be in-line with his alliance’s, or corporation’s or fleet’s priorities? What if there were a local chat that was truly local in that showed you who’s on grid with you, assuming that you could see them? You could put standings there. There is no pressing reason to have two lists of players on screen at the same time. The Overview could become purely tactical. It could list type and distance and angular velocity, flags as set by the FC, and any EWAR being applied to you..

I realize that this is far from complete. I am not a power user of the Overview  Perhaps if we all put our heads together we can find better way to fix this problem then to burden the overview with yet another setting.

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