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Sugar Kyle has posted delicious graph porn from CCP Quant. (I must investigate this “Twitter” phenomenon. All of the cool people seem to be there. Or is it Slack now? Keeping up is hard!) Go look!

There are some interesting details. The population of high security space is very steadily declining. I expected something more drastic after the recent changes, but the line declines slowly and steadily. It is other areas of space where the changes have been felt. C4 wormhole populations have enjoyed a robust spike. C6 wormholes suffered an exodus. Null security is enjoying an uptick, although at the same slow, steady pace that high security spaceĀ is taking. I would love to see the reasons behind this movement!

I believe that one of the major reasons has come from the players: Although there are precedents, BRAVE really introduced into the game the idea that you could go into low sec, or null sec, or anywhere, immediately. There are none of the social walls of the older alliances, and no skill point walls either. Now that both Goonswarm and Pandemic Legion have followed suit with similarly themed alliances, the eager new player has more real choices than spending their first 20 million skill points in high security space. This bodes well for the game. Northern Coalition., the ball is in your court. Is “Bitternoobs” taken?



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  1. If CCP can take credit for nudging people gently out of high, good for them. If the credit goes to corporate recruiting, very, very good for players! I see a slight bleeding out of high, and think of it as leading to low and w, with a more significant trend out of null and into low/w.

    Most significant of all, I see CCP still talking only of percentages of logged-in players, and in relative changes in those percentages. That’s a more than studious avoidance of talking raw numbers.

    I suppose we could have been graphing our logged-in count on the front page.

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