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I should have foreseen this. The usual invocations against the color pink have made their way into the conversation about customization. This betrays a narrow-mindedness that I find vexing.

First, a small digression: the “time to penis” on a Thorax is zero. The Thorax’s phallic design has inspired jokes since its introduction. The various color schemes the hull has seen have had no impact on its visual impression.

As to the color pink, it is apparently considered frivolous, unserious. This, despite the fact that there is a pink shirt in the wardrobe of every well-dressed Western man. This, despite the prevalence of the color in Eastern clothing. This, despite a tradition of clothing St. Paul in a bright pink in much art from the early Christian church. This, despite the fact that a black-and-pink ship would look dramatic, and a pink-and-gold ship would be beautiful, like a sunset. I emphasize male identity because I read in the disdain for pink an unfortunate association which I wish to discourage.

Pink is not a color. It is a spectrum of color. It includes reds, oranges and purples. Some are gemstones. Some are pastels. Some are neutrals.  The EVE universe is poorer for omitting this spectrum of color. For those who dislike it intensely, you will always have the option of not using it. For the rest of us, I have no trouble imagining many appropriate and tasteful uses for these colors. That is reason enough to include them.


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  1. I hate the color pink but don’t feel that it is somehow a bad color. Color is to abstract for that type of thing. Pink doesn’t mean frivolous. The grand canyon has pink wrapped into its layers.

    It’s sad that we have to stand up for a color. There was a time in western culture where men wore the bright and flagrant colors like a bird does its plumage and they were considered the more manly for it.

    • Bloody pink for the boys and the soft blue for the girls right?

      Pink Phobos is inevitable.
      Hello Kitty vs Unicorn vs Carebear decals.. which one to choose.

      I might still take several years but I am certain we will get pink spaceships. Are we not immortal capsuleers with unlimited wealth? Surely this isn’t indiana where we can de denied service because of the religious beliefs of CCP art department? 😛

  2. I guess there are people who’re opposed to pink because its meant to be unmanly. I’m opposed for a more fundamental reason: I think it will look terrible. Pessimistic, I know. Considering that some of the skins look pretty damn bad already, (the Nugoeihuvi skins are a particular offender), I don’t want to see more daubed on graffiti-esque skins. Maybe CCP will figure out a way of making Pink look good, but I’m not certain.

    Maybe as a feeler move, CCP could release some pink clothes. I’m not sure that there aren’t any already. CCP might want to publicise their clothes more. A ‘CPPC’ for clothes would be pretty good.

  3. I do not fear Hello Kitty or Carebear ships. Those are trademarks owned by other companies. CCP would never accept their introduction to EVE. Remember, they claim ownership of all graphics submitted to them.

    I personally would not paint my ships in bright colors, but why prevent anyone from doing so? We are demigods!

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