BB63: Identity
Sunrise Aigele

I apologize for the quiet here. It reflects the quiet generally. Life is not impressed with the priorities we set ourselves. It always has something better.

EVE has existed in tension with itself since its inception. The world is a sandbox, but one in which there is no evidence that most of its residents have ever set foot within. CCP guards the game’s visual appearance with a meticulous zeal so that capsuleers with ridiculous names and avatars can fly identical ships and build identical homes to the most painstakingly lore-sensitive player. Even the systems that can be conquered and claimed by players have generic, pre-assigned names that cannot be changed. The argument is that the names chosen by players would be absurd and profane. No doubt, the concern arises because the names of the characters are absurd and profane, and so are the names of their ships, and frequently also the names of their corporations and alliances. I do not discount our own alliance from this criticism! I am only saying, perhaps that ship has sailed? Should I say, it has gone into warp?

I digress. CCP is bringing us the ability to purchase licensed nano-coatings of in-game corporation colors and patterns, which we can apply to our ships at will.  They are also retiring the venerable Player Owned Starbase and its oddments and restrictions in favor of a large collection of structures, still in the earliest stages of design, with which we can build places to live and work at every size from the equivalent of a tent up to the equivalent of a large city. We can arrange these places more to our own needs and wants and whims than has been previously possible. Perhaps we will even be able to license nano-coatings for them. Perhaps they, like our ships, will eventually show the colors of our own corporation or alliance. That would be lovely! If there is one thing I have not liked about EVE, it is the feeling that nothing changes, which is to say that nothing matters, in terms of our impact on the world itself. Anything that breathes more of a semblance of life and vitality to New Eden, to our possessions, to our actions, to our capsuleers, will be welcome in our small and increasingly dusty corner. By then, with luck, life will give us license to enjoy this new bounty.


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  1. Damn it, my comment got swallowed again.

    If it works, delete this one.

    I think pink won’t look good in Eve, because I don’t think that lots of the skins look good already, and I don’t think that more colours will improve the skins comparatively. CCP should release pink clothes as a feeler move (if they don’t exist already), and create a CPPC (Caldari Prime Pony Club) for eve clothes, so we can see what looks good.

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