Sov, stagnation, and supercaps

I read our blogroll every day for new posts, and I just saw this intriguingly titled one from Kirith Kodachi from earlier today. He quotes two paragraphs from The Mittani’s interesting Traffic Control post from Wednesday and adds in something he said a couple of years ago on the same subject.

From what I’ve heard from friends who play EVE and various people in the blogosphere, a good many folks just don’t bother with null. It sounds like it could be a fascinating place, but as The Mittani correctly points out, there’s definitely a “you must be this tall to ride” vibe about it. People want to feel moderately successful at something or at least to have the idea they’ve got a fighting chance, and with null, it seems kinda like you’re game over before you even start.

I’m hoping the “new space” stuff CCP is working on busts up some of the stagnation and gives us all something interesting to wrestle with. I don’t want to take away any hard-earned gains that dedicated players have spent many years and real-life dollars to build. Good on them, I say, for sticking with the game and really doing something with it. But to keep things interesting, I think CCP needs to introduce some seriously unpredictable and scary shit in the new world, and newbies and vets alike should be able to mix it up there without the deck being heavily weighted either way.

(Also, I’ve been very lax about blogging lately. Still got RL work stuff taking a big bite out of my day, but there’s a teeny bit of light at the end of the tunnel.)


Sov, stagnation, and supercaps — 1 Comment

  1. I’m not qualified to offer an opinion on supercaps, but I’m not seeing any counterarguments as coherent as Kirith’s or Mittani’s. I guess the question is not really when to delete this class of ships, but how to rebalance them so that they merely serve roles well. Limiting their mobility would be cool; let them remain overwhelming forces, but don’t let them jump as far or as often…or at all.

    Forcing supercap pilots out on regular patrols, spread thinly enough to cover sov, would certainly be a game-changer of some sort.

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