Blog Banter 57: The Wrong Question?
Duncan Ringill

instruction01Kirith Kodachi nails up a Blog Banter on the subject of failfits and the prevention thereof.  To his credit, the direction he’s heading concerns the responsibility of the senior player in the education of the junior.  Granting that newer capsuleers’ undocking in suboptimal fits is a problem–for those new players if for no one else–sure, an experienced EVE hand can do a lot one-on-one to train someone who is just entering the game.

I submit, however, that this is akin to a driver’s education class in which the instructor talks about the latest Fast And Furious movie he’s just seen.  It’s sex education via dirty jokes when we could be using Ken and Barbie dolls or better.  Why tell another player how to fit, if the game were developed in such a way as to allow showing instead?

Yeah, in the game we have, you can share a particular fit through chat.  What you can’t easily share are the accompanying stats, or the logic you used to pick particular modules and rigs.  What can’t be shared trivially is the science of fitting itself, and it is one of the fundamental skills for survival and prosperity.

Give us an in-game fitting tool, CCP!  Shove it into the menu right down there next to ISIS, or (better yet) integrate fitting into ISIS.  Make this thing part of the tutorial, with samples engaging players on Day One in the basics of cap, grid and calibration with AURA as guide talking us through examples as she offers tips.  Enable stare-and-compare for the various modules and the sharing of fits within corps and alliances so that other players slip neatly into AURA’s place.

The old hand in EVE can sit virtually with a brand-new player; they can open ISIS at the same time, and talk or type their way through more advanced fittings.  Don’t force the teacher and the pupil to leave the game and communicate on forums about third-party tools that may not be interoperable.  Keep ’em logged in and socializing.  Build a schoolhouse for Kirith Kodachi; make it a place of learning whose products are fun and better killmails that we can share with a proud smile rather than a sneer.

Give the teacher tools, and bring enough for the whole class.


Blog Banter 57: The Wrong Question? — 7 Comments

  1. As Sugar Kyle was recently reminded, brand new players do not have the fitting skills to fill every slot on a frigate. Even if you show them a good fit they have no way of replicating it.

    I would like to see an option where you can fit a ship within the restrictions of another player. There would have to be some way to make it something that the other player offered. Once the potential for exploit was removed it could be of great help.

  2. I would like to see an ingame tool that will allow shared fits with an automatic downgrade (or upgrde) of modules based on players’ skillset.

    So a Light Missile II becomes a meta-4 or even a meta-2 if the cpu isnt enough to support meta-4.

    fits would be stored in a knowledge base shared according to rules set by the author (public, regional, alliance, corp, account, or character only)

  3. And hard-code good standard fits into the corp fittings dropdown of the NPC corp and point the newbies towards these fits during the tutorials.

  4. Yes, indeedy, Bl0Od R4GE–share, share, share is the key to teaching and learning. It also falls in line with CCP’s stated goal of nudging players toward social experience. Of course a fitting tool’s recommendations should be customized; I’d like AURA to talk to players rather than at them.

    Gavin proposes corp fittings even for NPC corps; these would be the data that AURA would draw on. GMs could stake out the corps’ chat channels, giving guidance above and beyond what AURA can. That would prepare the new player for listening to wise old pilots out in “real” EVE.

    Drackarn comes right out and says it { } : it’s not our job to train new players (except when it is). Basic training ought to be free with the game installation, and not to depend on the kindness of the strangers who will be trying to kill you.

    Thanks for dropping in!

  5. Here’s a crazy thought: Have the spooky API thingamawhat publish recent kill-mails from that system on the news billboards and captain’s quarters screens for public perusal. Bonus points for adding the option of saving the fit.

    Also, the tutorial is a drag, introducing one module at a time. It would be better to add a cluster of modules from a chain of training agents with each empire faction’s navy. Add some pretty pictures to encapsulate these groups under headings like “What a passive tank looks like” or “Easy Modo Kiting.”

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