How to lose credibility with developers

9028220_mI decided to dial down my EVE-O forum reading a while back. The trolling/ranting was skewing my perception of the EVE community, and there wasn’t enough useful or entertaining information for me to justify dumpster-diving to get to it. I figure the vast majority of EVE players are pretty cool, but they are sadly underrepresented and/or shouted down on the forums by a few people whose main goal in life seems to be finding someone to be shitty to and going at it every damn day.

We’re a fan site now, so I got an email Friday from CCP with links to dev blogs and forum threads about the upcoming Crius release. (I’ll repost the information below.) I clicked on the forum threads in the email, and although I did see a few people offering constructive criticism, I saw an awful lot of needlessly abusive shit dumped on developers.

That’s not the way to get a developer to listen and make the changes a user thinks are important. Hell, if someone talked to me like that about my app, the fact that those changes ever got made would be because *I* thought they were necessary and someone else asked for them.

Come off like a dumb-ass — and worse, a dumb-ass whose little hobby is being a dick to people — and those you want to influence will shut you out.

I’m not saying users have to write up the issue as thoroughly as a professional QA tester would — that’s an art all its own — but concrete details and a minimum of insults and hyperbole will get a person listened to. Bullet points instead of walls o’ text are preferable.

(This is, like, ten shades of obvious to most people, so my apologies for wasting your pixel-reading time, but I wish there was some way to get through to folks who keep needlessly hammering on the devs. That they listen to us at all — and, OMG, actually solicit feedback — is to be treasured, IMO.)

From the CCP email:

Crius is the name of the next release to be deployed on July 22nd. As you might recall, EVE development moved away from the traditional six month expansion cycle to a much faster six week release deployment.

Crius itself brings a major change to industry in EVE Online – including changes to manufacturing and invention. As EVE is a very complex system and industry being at the core of EVE, you can expect a lot of changes that will ripple through the universe:

All these changes and more are already available on the Singularity test server. Check it out!

Additionally you can expect several quality of life improvements, for example for the often discussed tooltip changes.

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