Hangar sale

I recently decided to relocate from my old home in Metropolis, and I initially set out to move all the things to the other side of the universe. It seemed like a pain to have to re-buy (or re-manufacture) and refit all that stuff, and I also freely admit to being an industrial supplies packrat. I’m convinced that if I get rid of a bunch of data cores and interfaces I’ll discover within the week that I need them for something. (I swear, it’s like my dad’s junk electronics collection in the basement back home.)

But my game play time is pretty limited these days, and I finally had to ask myself if I wanted to spend, oh, the next month doing nothing but hauling. Some hauling is fun, but weeks of that and only that…ehh, maybe not.

So, I was dithering about what to do, and I remembered something my RL boss’ boss told me about how she almost never moves anything when she buys a new house. She and her husband pack up keepsakes, a few small furniture items, and some of their clothes — and the rest goes to a giant yard sale and to charity after that. She never even hires a moving van.


It’s not cost effective. She freely admits that. She loses money every time she moves. But the time, stress, and fingernails she saves — not insignificant.

Most of my stuff is in the ass-end of Metropolis, so forget fetching a competitive price for any of it, but the idea of packing up JUST the things I really love and selling the rest is kinda liberating.

The thing Ystvan loves most, though, is that damn Obelisk.


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Hangar sale — 3 Comments

  1. Can you autopilot-haul when you are not around? Before bed you send the empty freighter from your new home back to Metropolis. Then in the morning, you load up your billion (or whatever you are comfortable with) and send it across highsec while you’re at work.

    Alternatively, there’s Red Frog. Of course that costs more, but it is quite convenient. Fire and forget.

  2. I could auto-pilot haul, yes, and even avoid systems that are often camped by hauler-gankers. I just hesitate anyway. 🙂

    Red Frog would allow me to continue being a packrat, which I must admit does have its appeal. I can’t even remember how long I’ve had some of those oddball invention ingredients. The hangar is beginning to resemble my own collection of circuit boards, cables, adapters, old hard drives, mystery chips…

  3. I haven’t decided what to do with all my stuff out there. I want to leave some cool ships in place, just so I can jump-clone in on a moment’s notice for an impropmtu fleet. But will I ever fly a Bellicose again? Probably not there. What I might do is sell off most hulls and keep the pimpin’est modules to Prowler out to our new home.

    That does sound like a low-stress way to move.

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