Cheesecake In Space #4
Duncan Ringill


I got started in EVE after Incarna dropped, and as much as I loved the idea of Space Barbies, I kept Captain’s Quarters turned off most of the time as instructed by alliance-mates.  I would enable it for ship-spinning, and kill it when performance was an issue.  It was many months, therefore, before I took a really good look around the hangar end of things, and realized that I could peer over the edge a bit.

You can see a lot of my capsule in the resulting screenshot from two years ago.  I recall some surprise from fellow players who had never bothered to take a peek after CQ caused so much rage.


Cheesecake In Space #4 — 2 Comments

  1. That view out on the scaffolding reminded me of that time the other week when Duncan ended up at the bottom of that pit in the center of the station. Did you get any pics of that? Have you been able to do that again, or was it just a one-time pathing weirdness?

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