So Star Citizen Arena Commander launched…

…on June 3rd — Tuesday — and I didn’t get an email until Friday evening about it? The communications area of their web site is cluttered, and it’s not always immediately apparent which items are new. I find myself avoiding that section, to be honest.

So here we are with some of the biggest news yet for subscribers, and it comes out in an email with other days-old announcements, three days after the fact. And this is after a much-publicized delay and daily bug fix updates there for a while.

There’s such a thing as sending *too much* email. Lots of online businesses fall into that trap. But this is a little silly. I really don’t have time to go to their web site every day during the work week and try to sort out which nearly identical-looking banners link to something I haven’t read.

If I’d gotten an email on the 3rd, I definitely would’ve set aside some time to try things out. I guess maybe the panic over being late has led to some disorganization in their communications? Hopefully this isn’t a trend.

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So Star Citizen Arena Commander launched… — 5 Comments

  1. Truth be told, I found out about it when checking my eveWP app on my phone and reading the article on themittani. The sudden name change of the module from dogfighting to arena didn’t help my confusion either. Tried downloading it on the client but haven’t had it open in forever since I only have one ship in my hangar :P, so it failed to patch. Will probably have to delete the folder and try downloading by scratch after work.

  2. The DFM is taking its sweet-ass time in downloading this morning. It’s nearly a twelve-gig download taking perhaps half an hour to install…followed by another 2.5 GB, downloading and installing right now in what looks like a ten-minute job.

    That’s a lot of damned gigs, and makes me wonder how big the final game will be.

    So I’ve gotten in, and found an enormous hangar with extra ships in it. I’ve walked around, and the game locked up twice so far. Hmm.

  3. Let’s hope that part of the reason it is so big is because of sub-optimization like uncompressed audio and the final file will be a bit more tightly packed.

  4. I downloaded the client fairly recently, so maybe I won’t have to reinstall. I’ll find out here in a little while, now that Duncan’s finished consuming all the bandwidth with HIS download! 🙂

    Yeah, it could be a bunch of uncompressed stuff that’s bloating it up so big. Video and audio both can be ridiculously huge without optimization.

    I’ll be curious to hear what y’all think of it. So far, the movies I’ve seen look pretty cool. Let’s hope the actual experience lives up to that!

  5. Can’t customize keybindings as far as I know which is a bummer since pitch/yaw/roll are all on left stick of controller. Also in Elite yaw turning is slower than roll/pitch but same in SC which makes SC a tad shallower IMO.

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