Suzariel’s Simple Suggestions, Part Two

I previously posted two Simple Suggestions® I have about improving EVE gameplay and player retention. I’m a software engineer and occasional game designer, and for whatever reason, I can’t seem to stop picking at this particular scab. 😉

Before I dive into the guts of my proposal, a few things to know about me. If there is such a thing as fewer than zero fucks to give about who’s controlling null sec at the moment, that’s the level I’m at. Nothing I say should be construed as some angle I’m working to favor one faction over another. I don’t give a shit. (Edit: Not that no one else should give a shit. Obviously, people do, and that’s completely fine. It’s just not my thing.)

Second, between Suz and Ystvan, I’ve been ganked in gate camps three times…more than two years ago. Suz was blown up not long ago during a live event in low sec, but that was just random shooty stuff in a place where lots of pew was flying around. Pretty much expected. Therefore, anything I say about ganking or griefing has nothing to do with whining about cheap ships (one was a shuttle) and implants lost a long time ago. It seems stupid to even have to say this, but if you read the forums, you know how people dismiss anything they don’t want to hear as just a bunch of big fat babies crying.


CONCORD Police Cruiser

My simple suggestion is that CONCORD not only blow up high sec suicide gankers, but that they also pod them in systems 0.9 to 1.0. Why? Because marathon suicide gank sessions like we have now — gank, CONCORDed, reship, lather, rinse, repeat for hours — break immersion.

Think about it. If you’re in a high security area IRL — somewhere you have heads of state, CEOs, and major commerce and government business — you just can’t do shit like that. You might get one shot, but after that, you’re gonna have the best security in the world all over you. You can’t spend all night being a gnat.

On top of that, I’d say a suicide ganker is locked out of at least that system — perhaps even that constellation or faction space — for a period of something like 24 hours, maybe as long as a week, regardless of sec status before the gank. Why the fuck would they let you back in? It makes no sense.

If your medclone is in the area you’re locked out of, you can jumpclone out, or you can stay docked up. If you undock, you’re blown up and podded again. This would be the case even if your status and standings would otherwise let you travel in that area unimpeded. One suicide gank in that space is enough to send you to timeout. Hey, it works for hockey, right?

It wouldn’t eliminate suicide ganking entirely in 0.9-1.0, but it’d make things less cartoonish and immersion-breaking.

And it’d dial back on the prevalence of — and convenience of — suicide ganking in areas where new players are just getting their feet wet. I know the sacredness of marathon suicide ganking sessions is defended with near-religious fervor in some quarters but…why? I have yet to see a convincing argument for how it makes sense from an immersion perspective or, more to the point these days, how it can be good business sense for CCP to let it continue the way it is. Some more balanced, intelligent AI is really needed here.

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Software developer by day, writer and EVE player by night. My three mains are Suzariel Kel-Paten, Ystvan Chang, and Weyland Zaslow. I live in the Southeastern US with my husband and our cats and dogs. I have a Twitter account (@suzariel), but I mostly just read and don't often post there.


Suzariel’s Simple Suggestions, Part Two — 1 Comment

  1. If something like this could be implemented, I’d like it to be incremental through hisec, with the greatest chance of a podding in 1.0 and rarer podding in point-five. Supplement it with career CONCORD capsuleers–or perhaps leave most podding to players with occasional and algorithmic assists from the space police if no CONCORD players are to hand.

    My goal as a dev would be convincingly high security. Pirates and gankers should perhaps be able to penetrate it, but only through clever play and not hourly. Bragging rights for 1.0 kills and escapes would be substantial, as they should be for daring, innovative play anywhere.

    We might come closer to establishing an ISK value for the heretofore ineffable tears, if griefers were also putting implants on the line.

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