New EVE chronicle — a teaser about Valkyrie?

Yesterday, CCP published two new chronicles to accompany this week’s Kronos release, and I’m just now getting a chance to read them. I’m still not sure what to make of Yetamo or if it hints at anything about the stargates or other upcoming features, but the one by CCP AbraxasThe Station and The Bazaar — deals with the secret research facilities we’ve all heard about, as well as some new ships that are faster than anything the story’s narrator has seen.

The voice in Abraxas’ piece really worked, I thought. With first person in particular, you live and die by voice. If the narrator doesn’t click with the reader, forget it. In this case, the POV character is a Thukker trader who worked her (his?) way up the ranks and has most recently been plying her trade in Gurista space.

valkyrieShe’s noticed some strange goings-on, and the Guristas seem unusually focused on whatever secret project is going on in those research facilities. This paragraph was intriguing:

Ships have been spotted, undocking from the facility. Ships going very fast indeed. But not capsuleer vessels; just small ones, like the tinny little training craft the Guristas use for their dogfight training. One stargazing customer said he saw a few of them zipping around, in jerky, jittery swirls that looked like military maneuvers being run by automated drones, but the models were like nothing he’s seen elsewhere, not even in high-end Gallente labs. He was convinced they were being flown by humans, in which case the jitteriness would make perfect sense – you’d expect an experimental vessel to handle a little rough on its first few tests. I told him I agreed with him. And I did. I think they were being flown by something human.

That sounds like Valkyrie, doesn’t it? And she thinks they were flown by humans? But isn’t sure, apparently.

Then this part sorta raised my eyebrows:

I don’t know if these craft will affect anything, in and of themselves. They’re just different. That’s what a pattern is: something that sticks out, a signal in the noise. And this fitful dogfighting, helmed by Guristas who walk around with a frightening purpose, on this station that they let us use for black market trading while they do their research as if the only purpose for having us here was to obscure what they’re really up to – it’s doing something to us. Calling us. I want to be part of what’s going on here, and I want it to be a part of me.

And that’s why I’m leaving.

Followed by this:

So I’m leaving, before they catch up with me here, whoever they end up being.

They?  Hmm.

Abraxas does a neat thing here, in that he spends much of the story showing us how unflappable this trader is. The narrator has pretty much seen it all and is quite cold-blooded about manipulating people.

That this person would be so shaken by whatever’s going on that she feels an imminent need to GTFO is a tidy bit of suspense. Nice work. 🙂

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New EVE chronicle — a teaser about Valkyrie? — 4 Comments

  1. That sounds like the way Valkyrie pilots would *like* to be thought of.

    I have wondered how, despite the coolness of VR, CCP would sell us tiny, tiny ships. I think they’ll have to find some unique adjectives.

  2. In that Fanfest video, the Valkyrie ships did look pretty small, like X-wing or tie-fighter size. I think?

    The narrator in this story didn’t come across as male or female, so for once, I decided to use female pronouns. Something in the intro to the last Star Citizen newsletter kinda rubbed me the wrong way about pronouns, so I’m having a bit of an attitude about that these days. That’s extremely rare for me, because usually I give less than zero fucks about him/her and he/she, but the Jump Point editor’s lame-ass “Oh, well, sorry, girls!” type of comment got on my nerves. Like, jeeze, if you’re pissing even ME off, that’s pretty bad.

  3. I had the impression the narrator was female. But I never gave it a thought.

    “Who knows, maybe I’ll end up with the capsuleer alliances, if they haven’t torn each other to pieces by the time I get there.”

    This bit is what caught my attention in the chronicle. Maybe I was looking for a clue as to the unspeakable evil associated with the new gate(s).

  4. Yeah, it sounded kind of like there’s a mental effect of some kind from the technology.

    I also picked up on a few things about the new technology from changes to the wiki in the last few days. I’m going to write up an EVEomancy post about wiki changes and what they might mean for the upcoming developments.

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