Elite: Dangerous — maybe?

13_AzebanCityApproach_800I’ve been keeping an eye on Elite: Dangerous for a while, and now that it’s in what they’re calling “Premium Beta” release, I might actually take a closer look — to the tune of $150, which is basically a year’s worth of EVE for one of my three accounts. Fairly pricey, but maybe the higher upfront cost will keep the explosion of trolls to a minimum. Heh. Or they’ll all be trolls who paid $150 to do it. 😉

Speaking of three EVE accounts, I’m considering consolidating to two at the end of June, when the newest of the three is up for renewal. That has nothing to do with Elite or even Star Citizen.

I love EVE, and some people I like a lot play it. Most players, the vast majority of whom I’ll never even meet, are cool, too. The crazy is kinda getting to me, though.

I’ve still got plenty to do in EVE. I can easily accomplish what I want with two accounts instead of three.


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  1. Heh. I do have a few more weeks of training to take advantage of while I wait to make a decision on that third account.

    It wouldn’t be a ragequit with me. It’d be an “Ehhhh, I’m tired of this” quit. 🙂

  2. I picked up the beta and have spent a couple hours with it. So far I have been doing the single player scenarios to get a hang of flying and setting up my keybindings in a way that feels natural.

    I am using a Logitech controller similar to an Xbox layout and keyboard combo and so far it feels great. Very natural and immersive and I can’t wait to get into multiplayer and start exploring what it has to offer.

    If you use a similar set-up, I will be happy to share my keybindings with you to get started with.

  3. Hi, Vulpes! Glad you stopped by. You’re the first person I’ve run into who has tried Elite. I have a Logi Xbox-ish controller around here somewhere. Bought it for a first person shooter I wrote for a university project a few years ago.

    Doing the single player definitely sounds like the route to go. That UI looks pretty involved, so it’ll take me e bit to adjust!

    Hope you’ve been having fun with it thus far?

  4. It can be a lot to take in at once but it controls pretty well. Right now it can be a bit buggy in multiplayer but the immersion is definitely there as I was up way too late today dipping my toe into it. Right now there isn’t a whole lot to do per say, so waiting for the code to stabilize and more things to be fleshed out wouldn’t be a bad call either. It is quite involved once you get into things like using the navigation and ship computers but flows nicely with the right keybindings. The thing I am working on now is turning the flight assist off for tight turns in combat as it’s essentially throwing the hand brake on a car….in space.

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