Suzariel’s Simple Suggestions, Part One

The EVE blogosphere has probably always had an ongoing conversation about improving the game, but the dial seems to be turned up a notch these days. Perhaps this is driven by hints of a decrease in subscriptions. Or departures of prominent staff members. Or the cancellation of the long-promised WoD MMO, which was supposedly CCP’s way of attracting more women to their games.

At any rate, offering opinions on making EVE better is fashionable nowadays, so I’m starting a blog series on it. I have no plans to post a CV or links to products I’ve worked on, so any claims I could make about how long I’ve worked in software development or what I’ve done are unverifiable and basically worthless. 🙂

So, let’s just say I felt like spending the pixels to comment about it. But that can also said about any garden variety forum blowhard, so who cares, right?’ve already suggested a couple of changes for CONCORD mechanics in high sec, and if my EVEomancy about how this system works on the server side is correct, that wouldn’t necessarily be a big rewrite. It might even be not a lot more than flipping some database flags and modifying a few pieces of fleet UI, but I haven’t seen their server-side data model or architecture diagrams or anything like that. Hey, people tell me how to change my software all the time with even LESS information, so whatevs. 😉 Of course it’s presumptuous for me to tell people how to write their app.

Allowing you a free kill on corp mates makes no sense, and it adds nothing to immersion. In fact, I think it’s detrimental to that. If you gun down a corp mate in high sec, CONCORD should pop you just like they do anyone else.

But at the same time, if you sign up for High Sec Fight Club, then CONCORD should sit back and eat space popcorn while you and your PVP-enabled fleet go at it hammer and tongs. The person who forms the fleet sets the flag at creation time for whether you’re allowed to shoot at fleet mates. Anyone who joins the fleet will know going in if they can be shot at by friendlies.

Two changes. No immunity from CONCORD if you shoot people in your corp. Immunity from CONCORD if you shoot people in your PVP-enabled fleet.

Awoxing would still happen, but one easy-mode tactic would be removed. And people who DO want to brawl in high sec would be able to more easily. Give people who want GFs a more convenient way of finding them. Hell, I almost never PVP, and even I would be interested in joining a high sec bar brawl.

Next time, I’ve got suggestions about new career paths. I’ll probably post that within the week.

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