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ProphecyKirith Kodachi has an excellent post today with his thoughts about the recent Prophecy trailer from Fanfest. I just now replayed the video with closed captioning on, and one thing that’s said a couple of times is this: “In its wake, there will follow a storm.” Like Kirith pointed out, it looks like the Amarr are trying to prevent the gate from opening, and there’s this mixed-faction alliance who developed the gate arrayed against them.

I do like Kirith’s theory that the gate may lead back to somewhere near Earth and that the New Eden gate was closed deliberately to protect the new settlement from some awful stuff going on back home. I’m wondering where the Jove figure into this. They’ve retreated, and we can’t get into their space. (Well, GMs can.) Maybe this Drekar Alliance in the video has decided the Jove are holding on to some awesome technologies and untold riches, and it’s time for us to barge in there and take over.

What if the Jove and/or Sleepers ran afoul of whatever this is, and now we’re inviting trouble onto our doorstep by opening a gate to the new, unknown space?

I hope whatever’s out there scares the living hell out of all of us. We need something scarier than anything else in New Eden. PVE oughta become far more terrifying than anything fellow capsuleers can dish out. We’ll be like, “Oh GODS just let there be gankers or a hot drop to deal with tonight and not those whatever-the-fuck-they-are from the other side of that gate!”

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