CONCORD as a Capsuleer Career, pt. 2
Duncan Ringill


#PIIRS LOW-SPECTRUM COMM SCAN LOG YC117.05.28//18:09:22.387   

[CONCORD intercept-decrypt transcription]

{attrib uncert} *#&%$)$*@){>#((“–the files directly to me, Sarge.”

SGT Bagler: “Sure, we’ve got the sniffer data. But how come we’re spooking after a rich wirehead who never stepped outside the law? Other than that dust-up in Jita, I mean; that was a stray shot. What gives, Lieutenant?”

LT Murray: “Recruiting. That simple.”

SGT Bagler: “An egger? We gotta take on an egger? What for, for how long, and for how much?”

LT Murray: “You don’t wanna know how much, but the force is paying, from right at the top. Because the Captain says so. You’ve got a Piirs problem, remember?”

SGT Bagler: “That’s my case. Mine.”

LT Murray: “It’s bigger than you. The buzz out in low says she’s running for Sansha now. They’ll be feeding her ammo, and crew, so who knows where she’ll pop up next?”

SGT Bagler: “I can get her.”

LT Murray: “Forget Piirs for one damned minute. This guy’s the real deal. Look at those numbers–and he’s been doing it freelance. He cleaned up the shipyards all by his own little self. The Captain wants a badge on him before he turns pirate, or worse. Think of the ISK he could be pulling down for the big corps. He likes this sector, or he wouldn’t keep coming back for our jobs. This egger can be the one to take down Piirs and make it hurt–blow all her pretty head-metal right the hell up, and not just the destroyer. So when she comes back, she doesn’t come back here.”

SGT Bagler: “C’mon, Lieutenant. We caught her once. We gave it a shot, but those damned eggs’ll slip right past you. We’ll get her, no doubt.”

LT Murray: “Cut it out. This is your new partner. Everything else–everything–is on hold until you make it official.”

SGT Bagler: “He’s a weird one. Never seems to leave his cabin. These snaps are him at the balcony, just staring at that cruiser. It’s like even when he’s here, he’s still out there. It’s like they ain’t even human. Him nor Piirs.”

LT Murray: “Well, the Captain says we gotta have him, and I agree. Make the approach yourself. Nothing subtle, or he won’t even look at the offer. This is his home, and it’s time he stopped pretending it’s not. He wants to fight for us, deep down, so we make it pay. Give him one of those Comets. Swear him in. That simple.”

SGT Bagler: “You are gonna owe me so many doughnuts it ain’t even#&*(%)#@^@)%$//////////}”&*)?@#!%%%

[CONCORD intercept-recrypt interrupt]