CCP could use some Jade Raymond thinking

I missed this article when it first came out a month ago, but today I saw it linked from a Gamespot story I was reading about Star Citizen. (The second article is an announcement that the lead producer for Diablo III has joined Cloud Imperium as Star Citizen’s executive producer.)

There are some sacred cows of EVE that should be challenged as well. Maybe not abolished, but looked at, and the question fairly asked if they support the continued growth of the game, and whether they are still a fit, assuming they ever truly worked at all.

Instead of CCP all but writing EVE off as a bro game that’s too complex for our little girl-brains — umm, yeah, I must have hallucinated going to engineering school — why not take a harder look at what about EVE says “Stay the fuck out” to many women?

In other news, I just subscribed to Star Citizen. After I read Mabrick’s post yesterday, I finally took the plunge. He should get a commission. 😉 Like I’ve said before, I’ll happily subscribe to both EVE and Star Citizen. It’s way too early to predict whether one will become more of a favorite than the other.


CCP could use some Jade Raymond thinking — 5 Comments

  1. She mentions Iceland as a great climate to be creative… by name-checking Bjork.

    Nothing against Bjork, but the omission of her Icelandic peers is telling in this context.

  2. Wow, I didn’t pick up on that omission until you pointed it out, Sunrise.

    We know that some markets aren’t worth chasing after. You could pour a zillion dollars into research and outreach and get almost no return. But there *certainly* could be more women players than there are in EVE, and I think some solid focus group work with women who play other games and who have an interest in science fiction would be very helpful in understanding where the gaps are.

    I have a hunch that the changes that’d be needed to the game and the culture aren’t inimical to EVE as we know it. I think it’d be a richer, cooler EVE. But not 100% the same one we have today, either.

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