Videographer to the Stars

Copyright: <a href=''>penog123 / 123RF Stock Photo</a>Pun intended. 😉 I was scouting around earlier, trying to get decent footage and stills for some projects I’m working on, when it occurred to me that sometimes it’d be really handy to have, like, a press pass or something. I feel kinda bad when I’m in a system where nobody knows me and I’m lurking about and behaving in what probably looks like a suspicious manner. Hanging out on gates, warping to planets, orbiting stations.

It’s not like I can pipe up in Local and say, “Just here for the scenery, folks,” because if I were actually there to murder them all, isn’t that exactly what I’d say? Trust no one, etc.

Unless you’re an NPC or you hit me first, pictures are the only thing I’m interested in shooting. Ten seconds looking at my killboard should clear that right up. 😉

I dunno. Maybe I’ll just go take some footage on SiSi.

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