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Copyright: <a href='http://www.123rf.com/profile_rolffimages'>rolffimages / 123RF Stock Photo</a>I’ve messed around with EVE lore a bit while working on fiction, and I sometimes find myself getting mixed up about how the in-game date maps to real world years. The conflicting information I’ve run across hasn’t helped, either.

Today, I set out to nail this thing down for once and for all, and based on recent information from official EVE sources.

This article, which announces a celebration commemorating the Battle of Caldari Prime, says the battle occurred on March 22 in YC115. The real world date for the battle is March 22, 2013.

The final digit of the EVE year is plus two from the real world year. YC115 = 2013. We’re now in YC116. The months appear to match up exactly, and the math works out with the overall timeline. EVE went live in 2003, and the first in-game events are dated YC105.

Edit: And just for laughs, I updated my EVE Status WordPress plugin to show current EVE date and time. (It’s on the upper right of the blog underneath the header bar.)

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