Going sightseeing

I’ve recently rediscovered a few blogs devoted to EVE images and travel. Since I have no pressing in-game responsibilities (such as a POS to feed) right now, I’m tempted to go on a tour. I’d like to find a few new places to hang out.

When I’m actively missioning, wormhole-diving, mining, or whatever else carebear gadflies like me spend time doing, I rarely look at my surroundings beyond what’s shooting at me and vice versa. I’m all about d-scan, drones, my overview, and ship status. You could fly a freighter with a mural of Dwayne Johnson in a loincloth on it right by me and I would totally miss it. Sad. EVE is gorgeous, and I’m usually too busy to look around.

ProteinDelicaciesSo, I’ve decided it’s time for me to throw a suitcase into the Helios and pack a lunch. Maybe I’ll try some of those weird “Protein Delicacies” before they go bad. Someone always puts them in my Captain’s Quarters even though I keep telling them I don’t need anything other than Diet Quafe to get by.

dcuI thought at first Suz would have to go out and buy a suitcase but then realized that the trusty old Damage Control II had room inside it for a change of clothing and a few toiletries. How handy is that? For all the naysayers who scorn the use of DCUs, I say just wait’ll you find yourself in the back of beyond without a toothbrush. Pod goo leaves a wicked aftertaste.

One site I recommend bookmarking is Wilhelm Arcturus’ EVE Online Pictures blog. You may recognize the name from his other site, The Ancient Gaming Noob, which I also highly recommend. He’s got a great eye for color and composition. I’d be hard-pressed to pick a favorite.

Another blog I enjoy is Mark726’s EVE Travel site, which has four years’ worth of travelogues. I’ve been browsing them for a while, and there are still more I haven’t read. He started off in late 2009 with a pilgrimage to the EVE Gate, which figures fairly prominently in a number of capsuleers’ EVE bucket lists.

There’s a lot to see, and fortunately the author has a separate page that breaks the sites down by region. I’ve got some plans in the near future and can’t stay out on vacation for long, so I’ll probably just pick one of these areas and hit all the nearby tourist attractions.

Image credit: Mark726

Image credit: Mark726

I’m curious about the player-created capsuleer cemetery in Khanid. It’s located at Molea II, Moon 1. The cemetery was destroyed some years ago but was restored in late 2009. Its caretaker, Azia Burgi, anchored a POS here and places caskets around it to memorialize fallen capsuleers.

There are supposedly hundreds and hundreds of them. I think it’s worth a flyby, at least. I could get to Khanid pretty easily, so maybe I’ll swing by there and the Mysterious Shuttle in Geztic, nine jumps away. I’d like to check out the Museum Arcana over in Zimse, too.

I guess I’m kind of on a relics-and-cemeteries kick?

I might make a stop in Sinq Laison, as well. The Yan Jung Relic Site looks pretty wild in the pictures on EVE Travel, and there’s a second Yan Jung site in the same system. If I go there, I’ll also check out Roden Shipyards in Rancer, which is seven jumps away. Yeah, I know. Rancer. 😯 I’ll be careful, and if something happens, I’ve got a few more Helioses in the motor pool. 🙂

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  1. I would like to see CCP start seeding these odd little sites, and ghost sites too, with clues as to the nature of the new space. Let the EVE community put its hive-mind to work on scoobying out some answers. CCP doesn’t want to make specific promises just yet, I’m sure, but if they wanted to drive some excitement, and have pkayers ransacking anomalies, they should release some clues in that manner.

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