Orbital bombardment from Fanfest

orbital_strike_imgGood lord, it’s like they saved up half a year’s worth of information and unloaded all of it in just a few days’ time. I have this vision of someone at CCP saying, “So, the public is complaining that industry dev blogs aren’t going out fast enough? Fine! This’ll shut ’em up.”

I’ve done that to people who micromanage and hound me for updates. 🙂 You want information? Here, go digest that for a while so I can get some work done.

Project Legion

Speaking of orbital bombardment, would it not be cool to have EVE on one screen and use your Legion toon on the other to call for orbital strikes? Simultaneously managing Internet Spaceships and a first-person shooter will require more coordination and brain cells than I currently possess, but I’m willing to try…and likely explode in some ignominious fashion.

Another interesting bit I picked up from a few news articles is that in Legion’s equivalent of high sec, there’s no friendly fire — which I take to mean PVP. There’s stuff to shoot at, but it’s all NPCs. PvP only comes into play in low security areas. Or that’s what it sounds like. I think if they want to attract more players they’re gonna need to have areas where there’s no PVP, or at least no non-consensual PVP.

I mentioned in a previous post that I disagreed with CCP Seagull’s assessment of why so few women play EVE. Personally, I think the prevalence of — and the community’s lionizing of — non-consensual PVP is a factor. Probably a controversial and fairly rare opinion, but it’s what I hear from female friends who would otherwise love to play a science fiction game.

Legion will reportedly be free to play, so it’s a no-brainer to at least sign up. I’ll keep my ears open for any news of a beta.

Edit: If Legion comes at the expense of the existing DUST 514 playerbase, I’m gonna be reluctant to support CCP in that, however. They must do something to accommodate those players. Letting them bring their characters or at least their SPs into Legion is a minimum, as far as I’m concerned.

New Cloaky Mining Frigate

ProspectNow this I’ve gotta have. The Prospect is the T2 upgrade of the Venture, which is already a cool ship in its own right. I just had Ystvan buy a Venture BPO to get research going so I can try my hand at inventing a Prospect whenever they’re made available.

When I started EVE, I mined in low sec all the time. My friends were dismayed when they found out I’d been doing that. I imagine their reaction as something like people looking on in horror as Little Red Riding Hood skips through the forest, completely unaware of what’s lurking just behind that tree over there. So, I had some sense talked into me and I started going on big mining ops with friendlies instead.

A little ship like this might be pretty cool for mining in low sec. Wow, and it can light cynos, too. Hmm, she says, with a gleam in her eye.

Build Any Structure, Destroy Any Structure

This makes sense to me. I think it’ll make for a more immersive experience if we can blow anything up. If I can kersplode Kruul’s brothel and the drone hive, how come I can’t do that to pretty much anything else?

One promised feature that has interested me more than almost any other in a long while is the possibility of constructing stargates. I’ve been obsessively collecting every tidbit of information I can find on that and squirreling it away for later.

Moar Skins

It’s like the floodgates have opened. We’ll eventually be getting customizations and even corporate logos. OMG! We can all get company cars! 🙂 Stations will be getting skins, too.

It’s been a long, busy week at work, so I think I must’ve been kinda punchy last night when Duncan and I were talking about ship skins. What if, I said, they came up with one that was like a mirror? No features, just reflects everything around it? Seems like it’d be possible to render something like that.

X3889-little-people-dc-super-friends-wonder-woman-invisible-jet-d-2My favorite bad idea was for a see-through ship — you know, like Wonder Woman’s plane. What if you could see everything inside — crew, machinery, warp core, and all kinds of shit going on? That’d be cool as hell but damn near impossible to implement.

Oh, and they’d actually have to put stuff in there. Maybe we’d finally know why the Hulk constantly shoots flames out its gills.

Yeah, lack of sleep and a zillion lines of code to debug will give you some pretty silly ideas.

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