Cheesecake In Space #2
Duncan Ringill


Two years ago, when my fitting skills were (more) primitive, I longed to fly bigger ships with more slots, the better to make up for a fit’s failings.  That meant battleships, but I was comfortable for several months flying the Hurricane on shooty ops.  I took my time, and didn’t leap into a ‘Phewn at the first opportunity.  No, when I debuted in a battleship, it was in the baddest boat within my reach.

The Fleet Tempest became my go-to ship when kersplosions were the order of the day.  I loved this thing, christened Poison Arrow after the ABC song.  Its profile even looks a bit like a bow being drawn, if the longbows in your world have attached screen doors.

Cheesecake In Space #1
Duncan Ringill


My EVE experience has always been about the pretty.  From hulls to starscapes, I want to see, feel and smell the game’s textures.  I’ve called EVE space opera, and nowhere is this more obvious than in its primitive astrophysics, which takes Newton and stuffs his laws of motion where the lens flares don’t shine.  Planets and moons hang there like toys, but toys rendered in precise detail.  The nebulae overpower objects that in a real universe would be much brighter.  Some planets appear only indirectly lit by their stars.

I thought I’d dig out screenshots from my past, so let’s start this show with the very first one in my current computer.  Two years ago, I was still pretty new in New Eden.  I was just learning combat, and as Duncan I was training up some industrial hauling skills to supplement our mining.  Here’s Suz bringing a POS online while I arrive with a load of fuel.  Did you know that the Mammoth is camouflaged for Min-space?  Neither did I.

Barbie’s Dream Station
Duncan Ringill

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