High sec starbase ownership for the paranoid

Medium Artillery BatteryI dunno how I grew up to be such a paranoid person, but it’s actually enough of a running joke among my family, coworkers, and friends that I just laugh along with them. I know I can be ungodly silly about things, but then there’ll be that time when “I was right!” that just perpetuates the whole mindset.

There are lots of great articles on defending high sec POSes. EVE Uni’s POS Warfare is one that’s worth bookmarking. A common option is to go ahead and anchor all your mayhem machinery, but don’t power it up. Run your industrial modules until you have trouble, and if you’re decced, offline them and fire up the guns and defenses. You can stash all the peacetime stuff in a station just to be on the safe side.

But this is all assuming someone finds your tower. For me, effort spent making it less easy to find is at least as important as which guns to anchor and where.

Basically, if they can’t find it, they can’t attack it.

By the time you hear about a wardec, you have to assume you’ve already been thoroughly checked out. Any wardeccer with sense will have used locator agents on you, your members, and any known alts. They will have Googled to see if you’ve talked publicly about having a POS and where you hang out. If you regularly log off in the same system — or, for that matter, the same constellation — as your POS, you’re painting a glowing red target on it. (I’ve known several corps whose POSes were found by wardeccers for just this reason.)

Obviously, POSes need feeding, and you’re probably running jobs in it. But you don’t have to make that system and constellation your permanent hangout. You can jumpclone out, fly out, whatever. I wouldn’t advise logging off in the same neighborhood as your POS. I wouldn’t buy fuel blocks or components for them nearby, either.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, there are roughly 33,000 moons in high sec where POSes can be anchored, and with the patch this summer, that number goes up to almost 51K. That’s a lot of places to search.

(This is all assuming, of course, that the wardeccer hasn’t infiltrated your alliance, in which case you’ve got worse problems than your POS exploding. Infiltration’s a whole ‘nother topic.)

The Hen Grenade, Ystvan's Obelisk

The Hen Grenade, Ystvan’s Obelisk

You may not want to put your POS in a high traffic system or even within a few jumps of one. Same goes for ice belts. I know, I know, this is dooming you to extra work hauling crap around. But if you get a routine set up, it’s not too bad. I’ve come to see stocking up on fuel blocks as kinda like my trips to Costco for soap and toilet paper.

Another thing that’s important is making sure you log in often enough to KNOW you’ve been wardecced. Or at the very least set up an app on your PC and/or smartphone to notify you some shit’s about to go down.

A summary of my advice, for what it’s worth:

  • Don’t camp out in the same constellation as your POS. Do your stuff and GTFO.
  • Be careful talking on forums or blogs about your POS.
  • Buy your fuel blocks in bulk, well in advance.
  • Order from a variety of markets, none of them near your POS.
  • Leave your blocks sitting in the station where you bought them for a while before picking them up.
  • Use a scout when you haul your blocks.
  • Be aware of your travel and usage patterns and make an effort to break them up. Don’t be too predictable.
  • Make sure you’ve got a reliable notification system in case you get decced.

The thing is, I’m still not convinced this is paranoid enough. 🙂 It isn’t a terribly difficult plan to stick with, though, and does reduce some of the risk.

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High sec starbase ownership for the paranoid — 2 Comments

  1. – Leave your blocks sitting in the station where you bought them for a while before picking them up.
    – Use a scout when you haul your blocks.

    Alternately, use a service like Black Frog to move blocks for you. It ups the cost of fuel, but it also makes your logistics very, very hard to follow.

  2. Hi, Mabrick! I’m glad you dropped in!

    I’ve been considering BF for a sort of tricky move I may make in the near future. That’d definitely be outside my pattern, since I’ve usually just moved stuff on my own.

    I have out-of-corp unconnected alts who could do it, I guess.

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