EVE Crosswords #2: Pirate Factions

This week’s crossword has a theme: all about NPC pirates. Where they live, who they are, what they fly. The thumbnail below links to a PDF, and here’s a link to a Flash-based version that lets you fill out the puzzle online. (It also checks your answers and can give you hints.) Some of the answers are two or more words in length, but I’ve taken out the spaces.

BadWrongFun Crossword 2


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EVE Crosswords #2: Pirate Factions — 1 Comment

  1. The theme for the next crossword will be combat terminology, so it won’t require as much Googling as the first two did. I kinda went nuts on the EVElopedia stuff for those, and while some may like that kind of thing and already know a lot about the lore, I wanted to swing back toward more hands-on knowledge for the next one. I’ll try to make the crosswords a Tuesday thing.

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