A few thoughts on the upcoming POS mechanics

Domination_Control_TowerThere’s been a ton of discussion about the recent Building Better Worlds dev blog and how the upcoming changes will affect industry and a whole raft of other things. I’m still mulling over most of it, trying to make up my mind what effects it’ll have on my friends and me.

But one thing I’m pretty sure of already is that this’ll actually *help* high sec types who want to put up a POS and not worry about what’ll happen if there’s a wardec, and here’s why.

For one thing — safety in numbers. The new mechanics open up more high sec systems for POSes. We’ll no longer be limited to 0.5 to 0.7. According to the dev blog, a few places like Jita and rookie systems will still be unavailable, but everywhere else from 0.8 to 1.0 will be open for anchoring.

I pulled down the SQL data from Rubicon and did a quick query1, joining the solar systems table to the items table and running a count on the number of moons for every system between 0.5 and 1.0, then throwing out the rookie systems and Jita. The total of moons I came up with for 0.5 to 0.7 is 33,087. Opening up 0.8 and above adds 17,755, more than a 50% increase. I won’t *swear* by those numbers — this was a quick ‘n dirty guesstimate — but based on my spot-checks against dotlan, I don’t think they’re too horribly off.

If someone wardecs your corp and you haven’t left any big clues about where your POS is (or even that you have one), they’ve got to keep an eye on you to see which places you frequent and also just poke around in systems, looking at moons. They’ll have another 17K possibilities to consider.

And if they do wardec you, what then? Under the current system, one option has always been to just unanchor the thing and wait for the dec to be over, but if not everyone in your corp has the standing for a POS in your desired system, you have to go through the whole song and dance of kicking people out of corp, waiting for standings to come up, hanging the POS, and then letting everyone back in. A pain, and that’s not even counting the lost productivity.

What some people I know have done is keep the tower up, but unanchor the industrial stuff and online all the guns and shields the POS can handle. If your enemy shows up with a bigger fleet than you’re able to fend off with your POS guns and your own ships, then your tower’s gone, but you can *probably* get a rough idea beforehand how much force they’re able to bring to bear and then decide accordingly if you want to keep the tower anchored or not.

With the new system, though, tearing down the POS and putting it up somewhere else is not quite as painful. You’ll have more places to pick from (unless, of course, people go nuts with POSes and high sec gets crowded) and you won’t have to do the membership shuffle to get your corp standings back up.

I’m definitely curious to see how these changes play out, and not just the POSes-for-everyone thing. I am VERY much a dabbler in EVE — a tinkerer who tries different things to see how they work and if they’re fun — not much of a competitor, except against myself. It’ll be interesting how this works out for those who do play the game more competitively, and I’m hoping the changes will be beneficial for gameplay and the fun factor.

1 select a.solarSystemName, a.security, count(b.itemID)
from mapSolarSystems a, invItems b
where a.solarSystemID=b.locationID
and a.security>=0.45 and b.typeID=14
group by a.solarSystemName, a.security order by a.security

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