Roleplaying in a post-capsuleer EVE universe

Ashen-Stars-CoverEver since I started EVE, I’ve been intrigued by the idea of what might happen after the era we’re in now. What if the Sansha take over? What if the capsuleer population is devastated by a variant of the Jovian disease? What if some unforeseen calamity destroys most of the technology we depend on to travel between systems? What if…

I’ve played tabletop roleplaying games for decades, and I keep coming back to the idea of a play-by-post or face-to-face game set in a post-apocalyptic EVE universe.

I’ll put the rest behind a cut since this probably won’t interest most people. 🙂  

In the post-capsuleer future I envision, communication/travel/commerce between systems is limited and in some cases cut off altogether. Stargates between certain core systems work reliably, but the rest…don’t. You may have to repair it or hack in to fire it up again. Or it might not be fixable at all.

Parts are hard to come by, so salvagers are always in demand. It’s a dangerous and highly competitive line of work. In fact, I envision our group of adventurers starting out in a very beat-up, de-capsuleered Noctis, and taking on a lucrative mission that turns out to be a potentially lethal trap.

A few capsuleers supposedly exist, but for a variety of reasons, they don’t get out much. To some, capsuleers are a myth, a near-immortal bogeyman, a deranged, bloodthirsty villain you hope never to meet. (Maybe whatever took a baseball bat to society was partly or even largely blamed on capsuleers.)

One big question of the campaign would be understanding what happened to split things apart so disastrously. Is it fixable, and if it is, how could we avoid ending up in the same spot again or even worse off?

SWONCoverEbookI’ve looked at several rules systems for running this. My current favorite is Ashen Stars, Pelgrane Press’ space opera detective game based on their GUMSHOE system. A close runner-up is Sine Nomine‘s Stars Without Number, melded with their newest release, Scarlet Heroes. The latter has potential for PbP in particular because of its streamlined rules for games with fewer players.

I also looked at GURPS, Traveller, and Diaspora, to name a few. Oh, and Serenity. Although they definitely have their merits, I’ll use Ashen Stars or SWoN if I do run this thing.

I’d keep a lot of the EVE ship hulls, but most of them would be…decrepit. 🙂 Maybe not Reaver-level decrepit, but I can imagine a few areas where something that nasty-looking might be fashionable. The system names would stay the same, although some might be inaccessible or too contaminated/unstable to visit.

Anyway, I wanted to get this post out here and then start adding stuff. If I do run a game, there are a couple forums (2 public, 2 private) where I could host it. I *could* do a play-by-blog, I guess. At any rate, I’ll post worldbuilding and rules development here, under the Roleplaying Games tag for now.

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