What is badwrongfun, anyway?

constructivefeedbackThere’s an Internet phenomenon very common to the gaming community that manifests as people being so intolerant of other play styles that they end up insisting that others are ruining the game for them by playing it wrong. I’ve seen this in EVE a fair amount, but I have no reason to believe it’s more common here than in the larger gaming world. Just look at any roleplaying game forum and you’ll see flare-ups of edition wars, wars within editions, storygamers versus everyone else, and so on.

I really can’t get mad about it anymore. It’s just…a thing. But what I can do — and the whole idea behind Weyland creating the BadWrongFun alliance — is to embrace the fact that someone, somewhere, is going to think we’re playing EVE the wrong way.

Yes, you can tell me that the Phoenix is the most horrible fail of a Dread straight out of the box and I’m ten shades of idiot for having Ystvan build one. Okay. 🙂 But Suz wants one and Yst can afford it and it’ll be fine for the few things I want to use it for. And if it blows up because I get it into the wrong situation? Space money, Space Barbies, all good times. Will I have fun with it? Damn straight.

I’ve heard pretty much everything bad that can be said about my carebearing play style, and well, what can I do? Be mad? Nah. Play the game in a way I don’t enjoy so I can win someone else’s approval? Heh. Anyone who knows me gets why that probably won’t work.

So rather than try to shout down someone who says I’m doing it wrong, I preempt that. Yes, I am in fact doing it wrong, according to someone somewhere, and that’s okay. 🙂

That’s what I mean by BadWrongFun. As for what it means to anyone else in the alliance, that’s up to them to say. I’m not about to tell them how to play or that they’re doing it wrong. 😉

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  1. Everyone does it wrong, according to somebody somewhere who could be found and listened to, if one cared. When they say that EVE is a web service disguised as a game, what they mean is that there are many, many different activities available. Everything from hardcore boatmurder through trade and manufacturing down (or up) to ship-spinning is a possible avenue for fun, and what anyone else says about what I get for my subscriptions is unimportant. Local smackers and forum posturers need not apply for my attention.

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