Fun & Games with the EVE API

I’ve had an interest in third party tools for EVE for a long time — one factor in my support for Steve Ronuken for CSM — and I’m finally getting a chance to mess around with it.

Tonight, I wrote a teeny little WordPress widget to show how many people are currently online in Tranquility. It’s the simplest thing ever, and you can see it off to the right there, just above Recent Posts.

I just wanted to make sure I could hit the API and parse the XML coming back, so it’s not much more than a Hello World type thing, really.

I’m a Java programmer by trade, and for me, monkeying around with PHP is kinda like having my teeth drilled. I’m not as fast at it, either. But still, I should be able to bang out a few fun toys.

Once I build a few nicer things into the widget, I’ll probably make it available for download, and unless things turn out to be crazy complicated, some of this code will end up in a phpBB mod, as well.

I do take requests and suggestions!

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