Review: EVE Source

I recently downloaded EVE: Source to the Nook app on my tablet, and I’ve been impressed with the writing and production quality. My hunch is that CCP’s partnership with Dark Horse Comics on this project was a positive factor. Dave Marshall, who’s listed as the editor, has an extensive list of credits with Dark Horse. The voice in the writing seemed confident, and there wasn’t a lot of the overdone or purple prose that annoys the hell out of me in some roleplaying game materials.

The book is around 200 pages long, and it covers New Eden from its beginnings to the current in-game period. The details on how capsuleers are selected and trained for their new lives as virtual immortals really connected with me in a way that other descriptions of the process hadn’t before. I also felt the story snippets scattered throughout the book were lean and well written. I did get a little bogged down in all the faction details later in the book, but I think those parts might really be intended for roleplayers and fanfic writers to look up specific bits and then build on. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that anyone with an interest in writing stories set in the EVE universe out to take a serious look at this book.

The art is yummy. It looks pretty on my Samsung 10.1, and I bet it’ll be awesome in the hardcover, which is one reason I’m tempted to shell out for a physical copy. That’s the kind of coffee table book you expect in a household like ours. 🙂

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