An EVE romance novel?

The idea for this has been percolating for over a year, but until recently, I’ve had so little time for creative pursuits that it just wasn’t gonna happen. As ideas go, it’s one of the more “WTF?” I’ve had, but being me, I never do completely scrap bad ideas; I just periodically reexamine them until I find *something* usable. It’s worked decently for me in software engineering as well as writing.

The plan is to publish it here in serial form and simultaneously in the Fiction section of the EVE Online forums, although the version over there will have the (probably abundant) profanity scrubbed out and the sexxay funtimes dialed back to PG-13. I’m in the process of designing a game footage trailer for it, too.

I know, I know, who in the HELL among the EVE playerbase would read such an abomination? Got me. My husband, since he’s my editor for any fiction I write. (A moment of silence for the poor guy.)

I see it as a challenge on a number of levels:

  • Regularly publish installments that (hopefully) keep its minuscule audience interested in what happens next
  • Balance the romance aspects with the EVE techie stuff so that it isn’t just one or the other
  • Keep my own creative output cranking along at a steady pace
  • Continue to learn more about EVE lore as I go and keep the story mostly canon

One thing I’ve noticed about a fair amount of web fiction is the ever-present tl;dr factor. Even commercial-grade stuff can be such a wall o’text that I can barely get through it. I’ve gotta keep that in mind as I’m writing so that I don’t bore myself with it. 🙂

I’m shooting for having the first installment posted on or before April 12th.

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An EVE romance novel? — 4 Comments

  1. Sounds fun. I want to do a more complex Eve writing project as well. Go for it. We have pirates, beautiful women in tight pants, action, adventure, villains, and drones. Now I want to write one to! Are you going for serious or ‘classic’?

  2. Hi, Sugar! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

    You’re right — all the elements are there, so what’s stopping us from connecting the dots?

    The first project is kinda like those old Topaz (Penguin-Putnam) or Love Spell (Dorchester) science fiction romances, but with a lot grittier tech. Some of those were totally Harlequins-in-spaceships, and the science and techie parts were eyeroll-inducing. Trying to avoid that here.

    This story is kind of dark, although not as dark as I’m capable of. It’s entirely possible I’ll do a tougher, edgier sequel, and I’m tempted to do another project that’s campy and over-the-top — basically playing to all the stereotypes I can dig up. 🙂

    Humor inevitably creeps into everything I write, whether I want it to or not. Having a parallel project where I can uncork all the goofy is probably a good idea for keeping this first one on track.

    I do hope you take up a big fiction project, romance-y or not! EVE is such a cool framework to play with, and I’d love seeing what you develop.

    • So far my longest Eve story is actually a romance and at 10k words. A more traditional Harlequin romance does sound somewhat fun. Throbbing engines? Glistening hulls? Oh my, the giggles…

  3. 10k words is nothing to sneeze at. 10k / 250 words per manuscript page is 40 pages. Novella-sized. 🙂

    You mentioned women in tight pants. I think that’s gotta be mandatory for the men, too.

    More than a few EVE ships already look like marital aids — I’m lookin’ at YOU, Thorax — so I don’t see why they can’t throb or vibrate or whatever.

    (Your comment got a laugh out loud from my husband.)

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