EVE Online Holiday Celebration 2013
Duncan Ringill

It has begun:

[T]he Icelandic Yule Lads are descended from baby-eating trolls called Grýla and Leppalúði, and their original role was to strike fear in the hearts of children. Grýla traditionally went so far as to bring along the ‘Christmas Cat’, a black panther-like beast who will hunt down, kill and eat any child that doesn’t get at least one piece of clothing as a Christmas gift. The mythos was so terrifying that in 1746 a public decree was issued to prohibit parents from frightening their children with monsters and fiends like the Yule Lads…

Officially there are thirteen Yule Lads, although dozens more appear in various folk tales and stories. Tradition holds that they come down from the mountains one-by-one on each of the thirteen days before Christmas, and then leave in the same manner. A poem from a popular book about Christmas, published in 1932, solidified the names and characteristics of the thirteen most well-known Yule Lads.

Player Holiday Stocking Stuffer Giveaway 14 December
Duncan Ringill


In celebration of the coming holiday season, Santa Spirit is running a special giveaway event! On the 14th of December, the player Santa Spirit will set up shop in a random system throughout the Derelik region and give away gifts to any player who enters it. In addition, he will be holding a Rookie Frigate Brawl with the prize of a single PLEX. Full details can be found in this forum thread.